Vet Job Opportunities with Nuclear Power Companies

August 23, 2012 |

Nuclear Energy Institute

Navy veterans may have an inside track for careers with the nuclear power industry, as it’s being reported the Navy has teamed up with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and 32 power companies on a workforce deal which will connect Navy veterans with specialized training with civilian jobs.

Tony Pietrangelo, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s senior vice president and chief nuclear officer, estimates that the civilian power industry needs to fill 25,000 positions  by 2016, and update an aging workforce that needs to staff new plants under construction.

In the new agreement of understanding with the Navy and NEI, a database of servicemembers working in the nuclear field will be created, and veterans can have their contact information given to recruiters to the companies that signed the agreement of understanding. The deal also will allow the Navy to recruit from over 30 community college programs established by the NEI in order to help develop talent.

According to the NEI, “Nuclear energy facilities operating in 31 states provide electricity to one of every five U.S. homes and businesses. Five reactors are under construction in three states—Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee—and 73 of the nation’s 104 reactors over the past decade have received 20-year license extensions from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; additional license renewal applications are pending with the NRC. Nearly all operating reactors are expected to receive extended operating licenses that will permit them to continue producing electricity to sustain U.S. economic growth past 2030 up to mid-century.”

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  1. Rod S says:

    Is this program just for Navy veterans? I worked in the Nuclear weapons program with the US Air Force for about 18 years and have an Acquisition Level I certification; I am also retired military. Do I qualify for your program?