Ten Top Jobs for 2013

January 07, 2013 |

It’s a new year, and with each new year comes fresh new lists of hot jobs. A study co-sponsored by Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) includes these ten jobs that are projected to be on the upswing for this year. The short version: if you’re into event coordinating, accounting, or analyzing computer systems, 2013 is shaping up to be a banner year for you.

The EMSI data used in the study was collected from more than 90 federal and state sources, such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau, and state labor departments.

For more on hot jobs and to keep up with how the job markets looks for vets, visit the Military.com Veteran Job Center. And without further ado, the top 10 jobs for 2013:

#1: Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software)
70,872 jobs added since 2010, 7% growth

#2: Accountants and Auditors
37,123 jobs added since 2010, 3% growth

#3: Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
31,335 jobs added since 2010, 10% growth

#4: Computer Systems Analysts
26,937 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth

#5: Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists
22,773 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth

#6: Network and Computer Systems Administrators
18,626 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth

#7: Sales Representatives (Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific)
17,405 jobs added since 2010, 4% growth

#8: Information Security Analysts, Web Developers and Computer Network Architects
15,715 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth

#9: Mechanical Engineers
13,847 jobs added since 2010, 6% growth

#10: Industrial Engineers
12,269 jobs added since 2010, 6% growth

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  1. David Malone says:

    Well, that leaves me out. Been unemployed for 20 months. No one needs Cold Warriors. I have a TS/SCI and speak three languages. No one is hiring defense contractors and I haven’t the time or talent to take a time machine to get those skills. I am 55 and doomed.

    • Jim G says:

      I'm 63 and semi-retired. I work part-time at several community colleges — often retraining adults for new careers. There are jobs out there. With your background and language skills, consider marketing or business to business jobs with multi-national companies.
      MAJ (Ret) Jim G
      Adjunct Instr.

    • Phree in AG says:

      Brother, don't give up. You're 55 with lots of experince that may need to be applied in a new manner you may not have considered. That is opportunity waiting to be discovered. Don't give up! Others have been where you are and made it to the other side, you will too. Keep moving.

    • Ajax Telemonian says:

      Wait, a TS/SCI and no prospects? You're not in IT. Get some basic IT certs.

    • Mike says:

      David I am 52 and have the same clearance. You can get a couple of certs and get a job. Recommend a CCNA, and a Security +.

    • Joyce says:

      David, I too have been looking for over 14 months. I am not feeling doomed, I continue to revamp my resume based on feedback and feel that I will soon find employment. If you are not working, why don't you have time to seek the skills needed to find a job? Not trying to get in your business, just curious.

    • Hi David,

      I was an Interrogator/Translator during the Cold War and was disheartened that I was having trouble getting a job. I applied for and was accepted for training under VRAP (Veterans Retraining Assistance Program)
      (http://benefits.va.gov/vow/education.htm) and will be returning to school next week to earn a Cisco Certified Network Administrator certification, which is one of the high-demand jobs listed. They still have slots available. Please check out the link, send in your application and don't give up hope.

    • David, You are 55, but not doomed. There are many organization that are seeking to help transitioning service members. It just takes some research to find the one that can assist you. A good start is heroessupportbrigade.org Take Care and Good Hunting

    • Dave says:

      You’re never too old to learn new skills. Sometimes learning new skills is learning new ways to use the skills you currently have. With the global market place, I would think companies doing business in countries where you speak the language could use those skills. Don't quit! I'm an old sailor that left manufacturing to teach, now am a director doing things I never thought I had skills for…surprise. I am working for a community college, go teach some language classes.

    • Hector says:

      David, take it from a 64 Nam retired vet: START YOUR OWN BUSINESS! No one wants us, even though it's "against the law to discriminate". Buy a franchise, do something!
      I'm retired as a Cobol mainframer. BA in Eco and MBA.

    • Shawn says:

      I suppose you already checked out federal employment. Though I was a Hospital Corpsman I wanted to go into your line of work but was not permitted to change. I would have and still would love to go to DLS in Monterrey, CA. Love learning about other cultures, people and learning languages. I was trying to learn German, Tagalog, Japanese and Arabic on my own. I'd make a great spy with my harmless look, personality and aptitude. Anyways. The FBI and CIA seem like they are always looking for people like you especially if you speak Chinese, Arabic, Farsi or Russian or something like that.

    • jones ofuasia says:

      u have a great support here David Malone…I hope that u r listening to all of these voices of reason and wisdom?

  2. Abnrngr88 says:

    Hey David, you could hit the cicuit as a Motivational Speaker.

    The difference between those that fail and those that succeed is the later tried one more time. Don't give up.

  3. Bryant says:

    Great in encouragement .. This is why I love the military.. We help each other out..

  4. tymothymichel says:

    I'm amazed that doctors, nurse practioners and rns were not on the list as there is such a great shortage of these that you have to wait two months for an appointment. At my VA clinic the poor cnp has to farm himself between 3 locations…and all of these 40 and more miles apart. So we need computer and marketing guys but no one in health care…even though the population is getting older and older and needs more help? Not to be negative but I think a bit more research might have gone into this. I know that the numbers were based off industry growth, but it's hard to grow the health care industry when you have patient limitations for care and a limited number of caregivers as resources to help spur growth.

    • Hector says:

      When the VA starts being more creative and develops job-sharing (part-time) for us Disabled yet abled bodied vets, then something might happen. But they insist on opening ONLY full time jobs. Just got through volunteering in a PTSD center for 2 years. They loved me. I quit because after a while you start wondering what am I getting out of this. Other agencies should start thinking outside the box. I don't need benefits since I'm 100%. I just need a part-time for 15-20 hours per week. And my time is valuable!

  5. Joyce says:

    I am a unemployed college grad with exp in human resource, project management and program management and can not find a job, it maybe because I am 55 yrs old and female. If anyone has ideas of prospects in the San Antonio area, please let me know. I have applied for 40 positions with the Dept. Of Air Force (Randolph Air Force) and have not had any luck.

    • Anthony says:

      revamp your resume that always works i have had to revamp mine for each job that i apply for. And i work for the govermet. it is all on how you word it there is a computer they run your resume through that looks for buzz words so if you can get a buzz word list that may help you out! good luck and god bless

    • Ralph says:

      Hi Joyce…
      Have you tried Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) Defense Contractor.

  6. Camille B. says:

    Age is not always a death sentence. One of my friends was hired at 59 and is just starting in Government. They are former Navy and now a government employee. 30% or more disabled veterans receive preference over regular veterans. That is for a regular job though. There are part-time gov't jobs also. Go to usajobs.com be patient but be relentless! You are at home. The computer is an excellent resource! Write a book about your experiences and help other veterans. You can learn how to write a book from using virtual library's in your area. Or you can always volunteer.

  7. Camille B. says:

    Go on the internet and lookup sba.gov and find your local representative. They can give lots of free information to help you become a small business owner. You should also look up your local chapter of SCORE (on the internet) They are small business mentors. I believe sba.gov will give you advice on getting grants and loans. They may actually have access to funds. SCORE is composed of current or former small business owners who are helpful.

  8. steve says:

    hi my name is steve and i will like to better my life i was wondering if there are any programs people may know about so i can have a better future .

  9. Thomas says:

    It took me 30 months to finally get a job after being laid off. At 60, I really don't want to spend a year or two getting "new skills" – all that does is place me into competition with others who are in their 30s. I was advised to "network" more. Sure – chat with all the other fading gray unemployed? I worked in IT for 20 plus years before being laid off. Like many other who have posted here, I, too, have a clearance and 20 yrs experience in the military. That got me pretty much nothing. maybe its because HR is dominated by 20 to 30 year olds. Maybe hiring managers won't even consider anyone unemployed. Maybe they all thought I was too old. Who knows?

  10. josh says:

    You are going to have no problem finding a job once you get out. The only thing that i can recommend is that you start applying for some jobs before you actually get out. The process to actually get a job interview can actually take up to about 2 months so just try to keep that in mind.

  11. RDW says:

    I'm my 12 years of civil service with the federal government, I've come to the conclusion that to get hired (and promoted), it's "who you know" and who's ass you kiss the hardest. I've seen butt kissers with only experience and no academic degrees get hired over individuals with experience and degrees. Kind of defeats the purpose of going to college when rubbing shoulders on the golf course with the "high rollers" will get you ahead. I told my kids to learn golf (lol).

  12. Will says:

    Over 28 years in law enforcement in various positions. Have worked investigations for the past 15 years. Spent time of active duty and in the reserves in the USAF as Personnel Officer/Military Equal Opportunity Officer. Retired from the reserves with over 22 years. Considering retiring from present position the end of the year. Looking for new opportunities to utiiize the experience I've gained in both careers. Any ideas or suggestions. Currently working on preparing a resume which I haven't done in awhile.

  13. Maxx says:

    I agree with RDW, I've been in the VA four years (it took 5 years to get the job) and find the "who ya know" routine is the way to get hired, special favor and promotions. I also find a hugh lack of professional and personal ethics and am now looking to get away from the VA. This is the worst employer on the face of the earth. I have a Masters in Social Work and 20 years military service, so I'm no spring chicken (I'm eligible for AARP). Employers are looking for the young simply to spend less. So I'm downsizing and educating to be competitive with the young folk. Here's to a robust year with favorable results.

  14. Shawn says:

    I'm a former HM3 west coast, PGW time frame. I want to hear about that business too.

  15. michael garcia says:

    hey john my name is michael garcia. like david i feel i am at the end of my rope. i would love to hear about your business service. please email me at mhgarcia80@mail.com. i am a disable veteran, with a wife and 3 minor children. i have 20 years of work experience in the military and a college degree. i have been unemployed for over 2 years. i am sorry for the lack of capitalization in my text. my keyboard is broken and i do not have the disposable income to fix it. i am not looking for sympathy, i am looking for a way to make a good living.

  16. Darlene says:

    The VA Medical Centers are looking for your type, either in Fiscal or Health System Specialist positions. Start applying now..USAJOBS.COM. a lot of federal workers non-military types don't/won't agree to move, if you're willing to move the positions are endless! I started out as a GS-5, BS in Health Care Mgt and a dual MS in Buiness and HR Development in 5-yrs i went from a 5 to a 11, another 5 yrs i'm a GS13 i've been asked to apply for SES but decided against it, due to health reasons. I've moved from TX to Japan to Iowa and now Ohio… loving my job. If you're prepared to move the positions are endless in the VA. In February of this year, the INTERNSHIP positions come out within the VHA and VBA, both my children applied in earlier years as an intern w/VHA (medical side), they are both GS11 & 12… my son's wife applied at the VBA and got a GS5 position, 4 years later she is a 12. All are hardworkers and signed a mobility agreement upon the completion of their 2-yr internships. There is so much out there. Don't give up!!

    Good luck.