Home Depot Targeting Veterans

February 06, 2013 |

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Home Depot sent us the following press release about their hiring initiatives for the spring season — this year the plan is to hire 10,000 more employees than the company hired in 2012.

Home Depot is also circulating the following bullet points:

  • Over half of the 2012 seasonal associates went on to permanent positions at The Home Depot.
  • More than 35,000 veterans and servicemembers work at The Home Depot out of a total workforce of about 330,000 (approximately 10.6 percent of the labor force at The Home Depot is veterans compared to approximately 7.7 percent in the total labor force.)
  • Through The Home Depot Foundation, the company is committing $50 million over the next three years to ensure every veteran has a safe place to call home.

For more details, read on, and for more veteran job opportunities, we encourage you to check out the job search section in the Military.com Veteran Jobs Center.

Press Release: The Home Depot to Hire 80,000 Associates for Busy Spring Season

ATLANTA, February 6, 2013 — The Home Depot®, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, has begun filling more than 80,000 seasonal positions to assist customers during the company’s busiest selling season. As both the company’s busiest hiring and selling period, spring serves as The Home Depot’s annual peak season, similar to the Christmas selling season for many retailers. This year, The Home Depot is hiring ten thousand more spring associates than it did last year to support anticipated sales growth in the spring.

“Spring is always a special season for us, when we can offer employment opportunities for literally tens of thousands of Americans,” said Tim Crow, executive vice president—Human Resources. “We find some of our best associates during our peak season, and many of them have built long, meaningful careers with us.”

Job opportunities range from part-time to full-time and are available on a market-by-market basis based on individual store needs and geographical variance in climate. Job seekers can begin applying online now at www.careers.homedepot.com/.

For those returning military and veterans who are interested in a position, The Home Depot recently launched its Online Military Skills Translator, a new tool designed to help translate and match an applicant’s unique military skills with positions that might offer the best fit. The Home Depot has also partnered with military focused career fairs and will be participating in events throughout 2013. Both the skills translator and 2013 events calendar can be found at www.careers.homedepot.com/military.

Technical school and college students, as well as retirees, are encouraged to apply.

The Home Depot will also usher in the season with door-buster prices on some of the most popular, innovative spring products from exclusive and national brands in lawn and garden, outdoor power, cleaning, grills and outdoor living.

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  1. George Paisley says:

    Is this the same Home Depot that fired a store department head from a Flagstaff, Arizona store because of his military duties. Seems the military person was missing store meetings because of military required duties. The Home Depot store manager fired this active military person. Also, in order for a veteran to receive a 10% discount on store purchases, the vet must be a card carrying, SERVICE CONNECTED, disabled vet. Don't expect to see your friendly hot dog vendors in front of the Home Depot stores much longer as Home Depot is getting rid of them.

    • John Fox says:

      I get a discount everytime I shop at Home Depot. Retired US Army.

    • Jerry says:

      I have worked at Hoimedepot for three years now, and I get my veterains discount and I do not meet the requiements you have listed. I have used my discharged papers until I joined The American Legion. I now show my membership card that it is it. All they require is proof of service.
      I doubt the person was fired because of missing meetings because of required military service. We have active duty vets that are excused for military duties.

    • Ron N says:

      I am a selected reserve (SELRES) and have not had any problems getting 10% discount from Home Depot or Lowes. I tend to do most of my home improvement shopping at HD because of the discount. Additionally, all the SELRES I know who work for HD said HD has been very supportive while they were deployed. HD even had a couple employees who were on the US Olympic teams and accomidated thei training schedule. You are either going off of heresay or have an HD store were the mgr is not very patriotic.

    • George the tard says:

      I agree, George is a moron.

  2. Reginald says:

    Home Depot was wonderful in giving me a job and I greatly appreciate it. Just beware of the pit falls of store gossip. Be careful what you say to your supervisor or store managers about some things you see could possibly be improved upon. Be careful of the new attendance policy as well. Thank you for the opportunity to be employed by your company.

    • A D says:

      Reginald, would you mind clarifying and expanding your meaning regarding comments to supervisors/store managers on making improvements?

      Thank you.

  3. leonardo ortiz says:

    I appreciate it but its hard to earn a living making $8.00-8.50 per-hour on 25 -30 hrs weekly all home depot in Florida is offering.

    • Mike says:

      That is completely inaccurate. I worked part-time at Home Depot in South Tampa for two months before being deployed to Iraq in 2003. I was making $13/hr as a simple sales associate with full-benefits…again…full benefits. When I returned from Iraq, they kept me on their books even though I never went back. After five years, they sent me a letter letting me know my job would finally be terminate if I didn't respond. The letter was accompanied by a $348 check they said was for vacation time I accrued while deployed five years earlier. Home Depot is a great company if your attitude is in check.

      • George Paisley says:

        Mike, chances are you did not get hired earning $13.00 per hour and chances are you were hired full time or moved into a position that was full time. When you went to Iraq in 2003, Federal law mandated Home Depot hold a job for you upon your return from active duty. All you had to do was ask for the job which you did not do. After a certain time goes the law allows Home Depot to stop holding your job. Thanks for your service.

    • Axle says:

      You can't earn a living at minimum wage… That just enough to get you off of the street corner. HD only want the turnips until they can squeeze all the blood out… They are vampires of corporate profit… I've sold all my HD stock and I don't shop there anymore… I tell my contractors I prefer that they not shop there!!!…

      • Allen Reeve says:

        I got out of the Navy and started with the Postal Service in 1990 at 13/hr. Don’t let these bastards suck the life out of you. Ever notice all the employees are on public assistance ?

        • Rusty says:

          you may have spent to much time in the water cause it has effected your brain. i work at HD and that is the farthest thing from the truth. maybe you are shopping at wal-mart to much.

  4. Harry Manning says:

    applyed at home depot was told I was not qualifed to pick up shopping carts from the parking lot

    • Paul Nunez says:

      Same situation with myself. I could’t get the lot attendant position, and I’m a Marine Corps veteran. This was the Glendale, CA store.

  5. YNCS(Ret) says:

    So why did HD stop giving the military discount????

    • Steve says:

      I used the military discount last time I was in. When did they quit?

    • Jim says:

      I just shopped at the HD in Matthews NC today and received the discount. Maybe it's a store or state thing. Lowe's not requires supervisory approval for the discount which is nothing more than the cashier scanning the supervisor's card.

    • Purbeef says:

      You have to ask for the discount every time and be prepared to show ID. Another thing, if you are an military employee, you can not , in my experience, receive your military discount at the store you're working at. I'm sure it's a store manager's call, it was deemed double-dipping because you're on the payroll (not on the clock shopping). I just shop at another HD and use my ID with no hassles.

    • lorin says:

      It sounds to me as though there is no consistancy with HD and each store does as its manager desires.

    • Mike says:

      The didn't. Just used it today.

    • A D says:

      I live in Puyallup WA, (near Tacoma), and both HD stores I went into recently gave me the military discount, just had to show my ID card, (USAF retiree).

      A D

    • Gary says:

      It is a store thing. The manager has the option to give it. What you can do is tell the cashier that Lowes is giving the discount and they will price match. We have one here in Little Rock that quit giving the discount until there was enough complaints received.

    • Both Sides says:

      Clear the air!!! As a former store manager for many years here is what is expected. By the way, I also retired after 22 years in the Air Force.The policy was to give active, retired, or "Activated" units 10% off only on veterans and memorial day. The policy has now been updated to include CARD CARRYING active duty, retiree, reserve and guard ordered to active duty and a Card Carrying Disabled vet. You know if you have a DAV card. This policy is in effect when asked for only, it is not automatic. If you served and got out, turned in your card. No Discount. If your Reserve enlistment expired, turned in your ID., No discount. If you got a medical discharge, you must go to the VA hospital and they will issue a DAV Card. Discount honored. This got out of hand when DJ John Tesch spewed over the radio waves that you can get a discount anywhere, just ask for it because the economy is so tight. In reality every 10% discount is why your getting $10 an hour.

  6. dabrion says:

    I just got hired the same day i received this email…. 4 year vet Navy

  7. Lew Thurston says:

    Beware of HD’s good intentions, they have been sued for USERRA violations plenty of times. If you are looking to get rich by getting fired for being in the reserves or involved with the military, by all means take this job. Wages suck just like Walmart’s. Vet friendly?

    • Lorin says:

      I'm sure there is a tax break for each vet hired. As with Walmart, companies that hire vets are helping in atime of need. The country needs our congress to authorize infrastructure jobs ie: Bridges/Road and other needed projects too provide more jobs for all who want to work.

  8. lorin says:

    Me too.

  9. Jason says:

    Well I just applied at 3 stores for every single position minus the bilingual and master plumber and the other one. THREEEEE stores I bet I get no response.

  10. SGM Ret says:

    I do not know about this discontinued military discount as up here in IL all u have to do is show a military ID Card and u get 10%, same as at Lowe's n Sears but u need to check them as Sears has different rules during sales etc. Menards is one that does not give military discounts cause suppose their prices are already low and they have so many rebates and sales… But I just got my discount yesterday… and I wasnt at my usual store where they know me… SGM Ret

  11. Donna says:

    Bakersfield CA. Our HD are not offering the 10% discount without a veterans card. So only to disabled veterans and active duty. They are advertising foe veterans and active duty service members. This is false advertising. I will never shop there again. They are constantly advertising that they are helping veterans to get everyone to want to shop there. But they are dishonoring those discounts and firing people? No Thanks

    • Russ says:

      10% discount applies to active duty and retired military year-round, but it isn't advertised and associates are not encouraged to promote it unless specifically asked (same as Lowes). Discount applies to ALL vets during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and July 4th sales periods, and IS usually advertised. Proof of service varies by store. Most vets don't carry copies of their DD-214 (obviously), but a VA, VFW or American Legion card will work. For some stores just wearing a "(fill in the blank") Veteran" cap is enough. Also, some states are now issuing drivers' licenses with "Veteran" marking, which also works. (Former HD employee and AF retiree)

      • Russ says:

        Forgot to mention, discount is limited to $200 (10% of $2000) per transaction, which means you can't get $600 off a $6000 tractor. Also, no double-dipping (combining the military discount with, say, 10% for using a HD credit card on a major appliance). Finally, the discount even applies to most, but not all, yellow-tagged clearance items.

  12. Confused Guest says:

    HD wants me to show an id? What id, I served for 8 yrs., not retired or disabled so how do I get an id?

    • joe says:

      scamers are acting like vets to get benefits, so they want proof, bring your dd214

      • Thomas says:

        When you check into your local VA office to turn in medical/paper work, even though you are not qualifying for medical benefits you should still get a medical VA ID….or you could have kept you old ID.

    • John says:

      Sign up with VA and get a card or use a 214. SGM Fox

    • Steve says:

      Join the VFW or American legion and you get an ID or carry your DD214

    • Dave says:

      How about your DD-214 or the card they gave you at seperation showing your enlist date and discharge date. Something tells me your not telling the whole story.?

    • former army gal says:

      Some states, like Virginia have implemented Veteran ID cards. Check your DMV. Hope this helps.

    • charles says:

      in va. go to dmvnow.com… type in veterans card..fill out the form and fax them a copy of your dd-214. call richmond to get the correct fax # u will get it in the mail less than 10 days

  13. Kory says:

    I was employed at the Home Depot for 14 yrs but was fired because my dr gave me restrictions and Home Depot didn’t want to work with these restrictions. I am a disabled vet but they don’t care. I was a manager at a store that had a real a$$ hole for a store manager, he would cuss at employees on the sale floor. Corporate doesn’t care. Don’t get sucked into this fake company they don’t care about anything but their bottom line!!!!

  14. mark says:

    Sucks that I've been trying to get back into working for them ( employed in 2005). some phone calls, couple of interviews and nothing after that. Like all others, false promises and loads of bullshit I say.

  15. Mark says:

    Tigard HD – I have no problems if I show my VA card.

  16. Confused Veteran says:

    How do I get an id card that HD will accept. I have tried to use my DD-215. I was told, I need an id. I'm not retired or disabled.

    • RICHARD LEVINE says:


      • George Paisley says:

        My first VA id card only had my name and picture. I used to be the HR manager at the store in which I was shopping. In April, 2008, Home Depot fired all 2500 store Human Resource managers. The cashiers knew me but refused the discount because the id card did not say SERVICE CONNECTED. My new VA card now says SERVICE CONNECTED because my VA claim is completed. Now I must show the card to get the 10 % discount.

    • B.K. says:

      If you are not retired but served in the military, all they want to see is your DD214. However the discount applies only on major holidays. There is no discount on any other day unless you retired from the military. At least that is the policy here in Spokane, WA. By the way, NAPA also gives discounts to vets. I don't know if you have to be retired or not.

  17. moe smith says:

    yay! home depot hiring vets! at minimum wage… great. thank you for your service. here's the least amount of money we are legally obligated to give you + $1 more so we look like we actually care but really just want good press.

    • GS whatever says:

      I don't understand your comment. The wage they offer has nothing to do with your service. If you don't want to work for the money HD is offering then keep looking elsewhere.

    • Daniel says:

      Who cares if it is minimum wage, don't work there if you don't like what they offer. For some veterans, especially retirees, they'll take minimum wage all day long. You'll get what you deserve, and if minimum wage isn't what you think you deserve for just starting out, then keep looking. How many veterans are you hiring at top dollar? Some people will bitch about anything, even a comapny trying to do something good for a veteran.

  18. Thomas Williams says:

    Honestly a company saying they are trying to help out VETERANS by providing a minimum wage job is a joke to me personally. You are not actually helping out all. Alot of prior service members are married with kids and you are not helping much when you give them a job that can barely cover the basics. Its insulting for me to to got into an interview with my DD214 showing 3 combat deployments with multiple accommodation and a honorable discharge you and provide me with a 8$ an hour. The same amount Joe-blow with no veterancy will start out at? I'm currently a foreman now and with the ability to hire my own crew, i will hire a vet over the wages i hire any average individual off the street. To me that is appreciation. Settling for the tax cuts and customers is wrong but i understand business and i get it but still doesn't change the fact that it is unprofessional.

    • Thomas says:

      Also coming out of the Military you can average the same amount on unemployment as you can working for 8 and hours for 30-40 hours. Pathetic don't you think?

  19. T. Wulf says:

    Is this the same Home Depot which allows their employees to use company vehicles and aprons and such and march in LBGT parades around the country? I observed in one parade, they actually replaced the letter "E" in the word "Home" on the side of one of their trucks. Some of the people in the parade wearing Home Depot aprons had little else on for clothing. Not the company I want to work for or my kids either. Thanks anyway Homo Depot.

  20. John Grillo says:

    Sorry so many are unappreciative of what HD offers vets. As a retired military vet I can tell you I appreciate the 10% discount. As for the minimum wage pay….they seem to have a lot of retirees working there. My guess is that those retirees appreciate the opportunity. Walmart, McDonalds, HD and all the rest of the low paying enterprises are not responsible for providing wages to sustain a "family". Really don't mean to sound unkind but these are not "career" positions!!! They are entry positions,more of a temporary or supplementary position. When I was a kid (many years ago) I worked at a gas station, pumping gas, cleaning windshields etc. Never expected anything more that a minimum wage nor a salary to "feed a family"…those kind of wages were expected in much more meaningful and demanding skills. Get a good education, apply for and secure a challenging position and the rewards should follow.

    • Jim O'Farrell says:

      Well said, I hate to even call some of these whiners, fellow veterans, I can see why they got out and I'm glad they did.

  21. Jim L says:

    I used my retired USAF ID card every time I go to HD, and I allways got my 10% discount. I live in the phoenix matro area and have several stores and never got refused in any of them.

  22. Steve says:

    Home Depot pays less than $15.00 an hour and you want people to work there for those wages. Nuts. They do not give fixed schedules, they change work schedules weekly, so if you want to go to school or have dependents that depend on a fixed schedule, forget about it.

    • Jim O'Farrell says:

      So you mean to tell me you had a fixed schedule in the service and got paid $15.00 per hour. Never worked 8 on, 8 standby, 8 off,. Never had to worry about some local blowing you and your friends up? Must have been a REMF. should have stayed in and retired. THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING. Suck it up and do instead of some much don't.

  23. Jeff Snowden says:

    I shop at Home Depot and receive my 10% discount. I show is my ID card. My wife would is not a VET shows her card and gets 10% I think Home Depot is fair in San Diego area..

  24. Rusty says:

    I have worked for Home Depot for 2 years and as a Vet have been treated with respect and dignity. Have asked for time off to attend various Veterans events and there was never an issue. We fly the flag and when it becomes tattered they give it to me so it can be retired properly. So I give them a big thumbs up. There are many Vets at the store and are treated in the same manner. Those of you that complain, you might want to check the attitude of the store manager and not the company. Home Depot has spent thousands of dollars locally in restoring and renovating homes for disabled Vets so all of you that are complaining should do your homework before opening your mouths. As for the pay, if you want more money finish your education and get a better position in corporate america.

    • Maggie says:

      Have been employed by the HD for seven years and give a big Amen to your comment!

      • Teddy says:

        I did one of those renovations for a disabled vet from my neighborhood. It’s a PR stunt. HD subbed out the contract to local contractors. They sent a female rep to the job everyday to hassle us and bitch about keeping cost down. Whatever they spend on renovating vets homes, they make 10x that from tax benefits they get from hiring vets and then paying them peanuts. They’re a greed driven corporation first and foremost. Don’t forget that.

  25. WI 20 year Vet says:

    My husband had worked for Home Depot in Iron mountain,MI. After telling the store manager and store safety manager that there was an issue with the back door for loading their truck on three different time that some can get caught or stuck in the door's track and it could cause a safety issue they did not want to hear it. There was an accident and it caused my husband total loss of smell, some loss of taste and hearing because of cart knocked him back 6feet because the cart got stuck in this track that they did not want to hear about. It was fixed while he spent 1 1/2 weeks in the hospital. They blamed him and after he got cleared to work again they fired him. This is how they treat a 20 Year vet. We do very little shopping at this Home Depot. This store also has gone thru over, at least 6 store managers since it has been open, about 10 years now. Unless you show them your ID card that you are retired military they won't ask you. They can say they want the vets to work, but again they do not care you are just a number to them nothing more!!!!!!!!! Don't even try to get hired most of the time they will not even call you back.

  26. rockstone56 says:

    I get 10% disc all the time as well as my wife with a dep card in the Mpls metro area! Same at LOWE's but not Menard's. USARC, LTG Stultz, started this crap though about hiring vets. He can sign all the agreements he wants with companies, IF they are not hiring his agreements mean nothing. They don't appear to be hiring here and $8-10 and hour won't make your house payment, will pay for the gas to get there though!

  27. AMSC REt says:

    Wow! Sounds to good to be true…..guess what? It is!!! Minimum wage jobs with no benefits working like a dog. In the military we are trained to do more than one skill set but at HD this works against management because we make them look bad. Go figure. Home Depot tried this military veteran hire thing years ago. What happened to have them stop? Why try the same thing expecting a different result? If HD were honestly trying to help a veteran they would use them in mid level to management positions offering benefits..BUT oh yeah….they stopped benefits many years ago…only stockholders get the goodies.

  28. Ray says:

    I stopped going to HD about 10 years ago when I heard about their shady ways. They treate all employees like toothpaste. Once your have nothing else to give they trash you. No, I don't work for or at HD. I am a Vietnam Veteran and had a hard enough time keeping a job at other places.

    For those of you who don't have a Veterans ID card you can get one here. http://www.veteranprograms.com/id1366.html

  29. John says:

    "Home Depot Targeting Vets". They offered me a job at minmum wage the same as they pay a kid out of high school. By the way I spent 24 years in a AF Civil Engineer Squadron. Part time/minimum wage covers the cost to get to work and thats about it.

  30. James S says:

    I wouldn't be to harsh with HD. You don't have to work there. They're not forceing you to work there. They are one of the few businesses that give active duty military and veterans a 10% discount (same as their employees). How many other businesses do that?

    • Retired 1SG says:

      There are a lot of the major chain clothing and retail stores that offer a discount, Just ask, you will be quite surprised.

    • rockstone56 says:

      Actually there is a list of companies two pages, single spaced, that have corporate policies giving 10-25% discounts. Not all GMs/Managers agree or follow them like the GM of the Boston's Gourmet Pasta and Pizza in Alaska and the outcry was enough that he resigned the next day after publically telling the customers how much they did not deserve a discount as military members. And these are national chains food, clothing and otherwise.

  31. ALLTHEWAY says:

    25 year army vet. just retired oct.12. i have applied to at least 8 positions. no calls yet. not just HD, but corporate america sucks! i'm educated, professional, and healthy. i've been unemployed 4 months; thanks for supporting our troops.

    • Barry Hope says:

      When I retired, I applied to the local school system to sub. during the summer I got a temp job in a warehouse doing things I did as a 92A. After 18m, I applied for one of the 3 company jobs. After 20 years as a warehouseman and an Automatated Logistic Manager these people told me I was not expeirenced. I went back to subbing and I haven't looked back.

  32. Retired AF Mechanic says:

    I worked for HD for 16 months, I was hired part time seasonal and made full time in 6 weeks, I watched anyone who made more than $12 an hour be let go for petty reasons. ie… customer complaints! EVERYONE has complaints when they feel HD ripped them off not the poor employee who is trying to fix it! All new incoming employees were seasonal or part time for the rest of my tenure. HD is not alone in hiring low salary and part time only this is the new business model forced from this administrations policies. Also have your ex-wife fill out a complaint against you and get fired.

  33. Teddy Ottman says:

    The bottom line is you don’t make enough $ at HD. They do get tax benefits for hiring vets, as do other companies. Even as a dept superviser, like the lumber dept, the pay can’t support a family. Everytime I’ve received an email about HD hiring Vets I’ve applied. $13 per hour in NY just ain’t cutting it. I got layed off from a job making $20 per hour and we were barely scraping by. It’s a win win situation for HD, but not for us. They get the tax breaks, the praise for hiring vets, and a far more reliable employee than your average HD worker. We get $13 per hour and that’s it. Who knows, maybe working at a HD down south or out in the Midwest is like working at Trump Plaza in NY.

  34. GUNNER says:

    I have applied to Home Depot over a dozen times between three diffrerent stores within a 30 mile area in my town and I haven't so much as gotten an interview or a phone call to come in. I have put in for over 15 positions over the course of the last 4 years and even expressed my displeasure to my Veterans Rep. who says it's on the company,so with 13 year's both active & reserve duty in the U.S. Navy you tell us they want to hire VET'S!!!!!!!!!!!