Veteran Bill On Hold in Georgia

February 12, 2013 |

A new Georgia bill for veteran certification similar to what was presented in Illinois was gaining momentum, but has been stopped dead in its tracks. The bill, if passed, would allow veterans with certain skill sets acquired through their military service to circumvent civilian certification tests and automatically acquire entry-level licenses. The Telegraph reports that “Several committee members applauded the bill, saying it makes Georgia more attractive to veterans and helps fill open jobs.”

The bill was stopped by the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee’s chairman, John Yates. He claimed that the bill was put on hold because industry professionals had said they were unaware of the exact stipulations of the bills. Yates, in turn, wants to further investigate before passing. However, he and his colleagues seem willing to pass the bill if the issue is resolved as Yates’ own signature is on the bill along with others.

Bills such as these would enable veterans to pursue civilian jobs more quickly, and help ease the transition from military life. If you live in Georgia, show support for the bill and write to your district representative. For more information on job training and general education, check out’s Education section.

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  1. Doctj says:

    Returning Vets have many skills that can be used in the Civilian World. Don't sit on this Bill. Vets need help yesterday and not years down the line.
    Many of them paid their dues and it's way past time for Politicians to Fast Track this.

  2. Jerry says:

    This bill needs to pass ASAP!