Joint Effort to Assist Indiana Veterans

February 15, 2013 |

Indiana Speaker of the House

The Indiana House of Representatives has recently made a bipartisan effort to assist veterans in finding jobs. With a veteran unemployment rate of twenty percent, two times the national average, the House has amended House Bill 1002, the Indiana Career Council, to include special meetings to address the problem. Indiana Business reports that while the amended bill won’t include any tangible measures, it is intended to bring “principal stakeholders in the state’s workforce development efforts to a single table, with the Governor as its chair.

House speaker Bosma says that, “The ICC will unite a fragmented system, share data and coordinate all elements of the state’s workforce development system and work to address the particular unemployment concerns of veterans.” The ICC will primarily be responsible for matching education and career training opportunities with projected workforce needs, as well as suggesting improvements to these programs to the General Assembly.

A few areas of opportunity already identified are jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math. There are reported to be, “2.4 STEM jobs for every unemployed person,” showing plenty of room for returning veterans to make their way into the job market. All that’s required is the proper training and the right connections. For more information on veteran jobs in your own area, check out the jobs section.

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