The Five Best Jobs in Business

February 18, 2013 |

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Entering the corporate world may seem daunting, especially if you’re not quite sure which direction you want to head in. The good news is that big companies need large numbers of people with diverse skill sets, so there are plenty of different types of jobs to choose from. While the economy slowly recovers, businesses all need one thing: people to help run the business. Whether it’s analyzing finances or managing people, The Daily Caller reports that there are five jobs in the business world right now that are predicted to increase in demand. Considering how tough it can be to find a job these days, now might be the time to jump on one of these burgeoning job markets.

1. Market Research Analyst – Market research analysts make sure that the company has the data it needs to make informed decisions. They analyze every aspect of purchasing habits and extrapolate predictions and trends. This position requires strong math and financial skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for this job will increase by 41% in the next ten years.

Average Income: $60,570

2. Management Analyst – If you’ve ever griped extensively about the way your organization or business was run, this is the job for you. Management analysts take a look at every aspect of how a company is run and formulate plans and strategies to streamline operations. By performing on-site observations, conducting interviews, and looking at hard data, management analysts determine new methods and policies, then ensure that the changes are working.

Average Income: $78,160

3. Business Operations Manager – Among the highest paid professionals in business, operations managers require just the right mix of quantitative and qualitative reasoning. They watch over multiple aspects of the business, and perform tasks such as hiring people, acquiring materials for customers, and predicting market trends.

Average Income: $95,150

4. Financial Adviser – Navigating the complexities of American finances can be difficult, and financial advisers are experts on doing just that. With just the right mix of people skills and mathematical know-how, successful financial advisers work with individuals and groups alike to manage their money, and secure their economic future.

Average Income: $64,750

5. H.R. Specialist - H.R. specialists are the bridge between employees and the company: they ensure employee needs are met, assist managers in the hiring process, process payroll, and more. This job requires well developed interpersonal skills and the ability to be diplomatic no matter the situation.

Average Income: $52,690

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