Ten Hot In-Demand Jobs in Healthcare

February 21, 2013 |

Medical Professionals

The healthcare industry is as broad as it is vast: there are plenty of jobs available and each one requires a unique set of skills. Whether the job requires advanced degrees in medicine or technical knowledge of complex machinery, healthcare workers all strive to ensure that patients are healthy and well cared for. Serving in the military offers unique insight into looking after others, especailly for those who have worked in combat zones. The same focus, drive, and selflessness that service members embody translate easily to healthcare. U.S. News has posted a list of twenty-four hot jobs in healthcare for 2013, and if this industry seems appealing we’ve posted an abridged list below just for you:

1. Physician – One of the most diverse professions in healthcare, doctors specialize in everything from skin to brain to bones. This career path requires years of school after getting a bachelor’s degree, but the the pay and satisfaction are well worth it to many.

Average Income: $183,170

2. Pharmacist – Becoming a pharmacist takes about as much dedication and education as a physician, and the rewards can be just as satisfying. Experts in medicine, pharmacists need to be able to identify how different drugs interact with the body, and are responsible for educating patients on their options.

Average Income: $113,390

3. Medical Secretary – Hospitals and other centers of healthcare recieve a high volume of foot traffic and phone calls. Medical secretaries are responsible for acitng as first responders to all communications, managing scheduling, and ensuring that their center is available to as many people as possible as efficiently as possible.

Average Income: $31,060

4. Pharmacy Technician – Handling the measuring, preparation, and delivery of medication requires precision and amicability. Pharmacy technicians assist in ensuring that the proper drugs get to the right people in the required dosage. Medicines are prescribed in very specific dosages and the wrong amount, or even the wrong type, can be damaging if not fatal, so the pharmcy technician bears a great deal of responsibility.

Average Income: $28,940

5. Registered Nurse – Registered nurses enjoy a diversity of specializations, from working with outpatients to caring for people with specific diseases. Becoming a registered nurse reqiures a bachelors of science in nursing as well as obtaning the proper license. The job market for registered nurses is expected to grow over the years, but the industry is very competitive.

Average Salary: $65,590

6. Dental Assistant – Dentistry requires a great deal of work and expertise, so much so that a single dentist can’t handle it on their own. Dental assistants help dentists by preparing patients for procedures, managing files, and ensuring that all tools and equipment are in top shape.

Average Salary: $34,140

7. Physical Therapist – Physical therapists make sure that people are recovering properly from physical injuries. It can be very rewarding to see patients slowly regain full control of a limb or other part of their body. The job requires a good deal of knowledge about muscles and ligaments etc., and it also requires very strong interpersonal skills.

Average Salary: $78,270

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  1. Bergtesgarten says:

    Thank you for this report. I for one would like to editorialize only briefly. I was a medic years ago whilst stationed as a ski-patroler in Germany. After my enlistment I obtained a bachelor's degree. After many plodding years in the advertising industry I was able to parlay my MOS and experience into the nursing field (Arizona being one state where I could challenge the LPN boards – there may be a few other states where a vet may be able to jump start their nursing career). I then utilized the challenge program of Regents/Excelsior College to become an RN. I am now a nurse practitioner and could not be happier. This is such a wonderful combination of medical and nursing skills with which I credit my military service.

    • JessieB says:

      Bergtesgarten, great success story! That is motivation. I am currently using my experience as a medic in the army some years ago. I have a couple of questions for you, did you have to obtain your a Masters before becoming a nurse practitioner? Are you working in a military treatment facility?