100,000 Jobs Mission: Halfway Home?

February 23, 2013 |

100,000 Jobs Mission

The 100,000 Jobs Mission is an initiative started by American corporations to place 100,000 veterans into civilian jobs within ten years. After operating for only two, the CSR Wire reports that the halfway point has already been exceeded with 51,835 veterans having secured employment. The mission has grown to include 94 companies representing a broad array of industries who are hiring veterans at every level within their companies. The mission is free to join, and each member pledges to hire veterans, share effective hiring and training methods with other companies, report results of the program, and focus on retaining veterans for long term employment.

Companies who have joined the mission praise veterans for the impact they make on their companies. Ardine Williams, president of Human Resources at Intel, said, “Veterans are innovative, resourceful and reliable. Their experience and training make them an excellent fit for our culture.”  ML Krakauer, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at EMC Corporation, also praised the program and its efforts: “Veterans offer a strong set of skills that significantly contribute to future innovation and success at our company.”

For more information about the 100,000 Jobs Mission, check out Military.com’s section on the initiative. There you can find information on topics like developing your resume, interview questions, and advice on making a successful switch from a military to a civilian career.

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  1. PolicyWonk says:

    After seeing an advertisement for the big job fair in Texas touting the 100k jobs for vets program, I noticed that it is sponsored in part by JP Morgan Chase. Ironically, today, I've read that JP Morgan Chase is laying off 4000 people. So they're apparently willing to sponsor the program – but aren't likely to hire anyone.