Top 5 Jobs Where Patience is an Asset

February 27, 2013 |

Doctor and Patient

Anyone who’s spent time in the military has dealt with two things in abundance: stress and boredom. Just about every service member has experienced long periods of “hurry up and wait” punctuated by adrenaline soaked moments, and it wouldn’t be possible to endure without a lot of patience. Patience helps you cope with inactivity and it helps keep your cool when it’s time to scramble. While patience is definitely a virtue worth pursuing in general, it’s vital to success in certain civilian jobs. Check out Silicon India’s top five jobs that require patience:

Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher – Ask most people if they want to teach for a living, and the first thing they’ll say is that they don’t want to deal with a herd of unruly children. Dealing with kids requires you to  be calm, thoughtful, and able to lead. Creativity within structure is the name of the game, and it all requires a large dose of patience. Teaching high school is a good alternative, but they only make roughly two thousand more per year on average, so it should only be considered if you’d rather work with teenagers instead of kids.

Average Salary: $51,380

Social Worker – When your job is literally solving people’s issues, you’re going to need a wealth of composure. Social Workers come in two types: direct social workers help individuals deal with daily problems, and licensed clinical social workers identify individuals with behavioral and psychological issues. Regardless of the type, both work with people who are going through a rough time, and some have been for most of their lives. Navigating official channels of support can be tricky, and the people you work with might not always be amicable, but the reward of helping someone overcome a particularly difficult challenge can be very rewarding.

Average Salary: $42,480

Physicians – Years of college and medical school aside, being a licensed doctor is not for the faint of heart. While there are plenty of specialties available and you might not always work with life threatening conditions, fundamentally doctors help people experience a better quality of life. The responsibilities of the job call for people who can stay up to date on the latest medical advances and respond quickly and coolly under pressure.

Average Salary: $166,400

Childcare Workers – There are few things in life as chaotic as a kid. Childcare workers specialize in attending to children’s daily needs, helping with homework, and letting them experience the world in a safe and productive way. You can find this type of work in a number of ways: some companies have in-house daycare’s which require part time staff, some companies run daycare centers where parents can drop their children of, and there’s always the freelance route with babysitting and becoming a nanny.

Average Salary: $19,300

Registered Nurse – Nurses deal with the daily care of patients and assist doctors during different procedures. The profession is hectic and stressful, requiring long hours and arduous work. Despite the difficulties, nurses are well compensated and their work is often very rewarding.

Average Salary: $64,690

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