First Lady Challenges Governors on Veteran Jobs

March 04, 2013 |

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama took Governors to task this past Monday on helping veterans find jobs. Her talk centered around modifying certification programs for civilian jobs to take a veteran’s military experience into consideration to expedite the process. The Boston Globe reports that she told Governors, “While this time of war may be ending, the truth is our responsibility to our troops and their families will really just be ramping up.” The first lady’s talk is part of her and Jill Biden’s “Joining Forces”  program which aims to help veterans find jobs. With the close of the Iraq war and the drawing down of operations in Afghanistan, the initiative has never been more necessary.

With states across the country already developing or initiating similar programs, Michelle Obama’s plan falls in line with successful veteran training programs. It is important to note that these types of programs will come with a price tag, but officials have claimed that the cost of helping veterans land jobs is less than paying them unemployment. One of Micelle Obama’s previous strategies was to call to bridge state credential programs for spouses of veterans — by removing the need to seek comparable credentials, spouses are able to find work faster each time they relocate. The Boston Globe states that, “Seventeen states have passed such legislation over the past year, joining 11 states that already had laws on the books.”

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  1. LSiewert says:

    Mrs. Obummer loves the limelight! Please go back to Chicago soon!