Tips to Boost Your Job Interview Confidence

February 28, 2013 |

by Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

You say you’re feeling nervous about interviewing? Guess what – so is everybody else. It is very common to be nervous before the interview. It’s also OK to be nervous. Being anxious can raise your energy level and that’s a good thing.

Here are some other tips that will raise your energy and your confidence.

Demeanor, and Attitude can mean a great deal in the interview.

The interview begins when the interviewer first sets eyes on you. Whether you are sitting or standing, make sure that your posture portrays self-confidence. The interviewer extends a hand to shake and this is the first connection made. Make sure you give a firm, not bone-crushing handshake. This applies to shaking hands with men and women. While you are shaking the hand, check out the eye color of the person you are connecting with. Eye contact is especially important to show confidence.

Preparation will make a huge difference in your confidence.

The act of writing out your answers to difficult questions, particularly if you have a “glitch” in your resume or background, is important to sounding prepared.

Read through the job description/posting — one, two, three times — and then read between the lines. What are they looking for? While you’re at it, check out their website and do research on the company. Read their mission statement. If it “reeks” of team building jargon, make sure you are prepared to talk about your past experiences working with teams.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you rehearse your answers, you will feel more confident. Use a tape recorder, watch yourself in front of a mirror, or get a friend to practice with you. Practice, practice, practice — it will make a difference.

Enthusiasm could be the tie-breaker between you and someone else getting the job.

If there are two or more people interviewing for the same job, the one that shows passion and interest in the job could be the one chosen. This is a quality that you will have to feel and not fake. If it isn’t there, it will be difficult to pretend it is. Make sure you are interviewing for jobs that are of genuine interest to you and not just somewhere to get a paycheck. You will be happier in the long run and a better performer as well.

Be Yourself

One of the factors in choosing the right person is finding out whether you are going to fit in. If you believe in yourself, it will be easier for you to be yourself in the interview. Basically, would these people interviewing you want to work side-by-side with you day after day? And, would you want to work side-by-side with them? Remember, this is a two-way process. You are looking at them at the same time that they are checking you out. Turn up your intuitive powers. Listen carefully and read between the lines. Is this the right place for you?

It’s OK not to get a job offer.

You won’t get a job offer after every interview. It’s a tough job market with lots of competition. Go to the interview and give your best performance. Once you’ve done that it is out of your control. Sometimes there are factors that have nothing to do with you, but will prevent you from getting that job offer. That’s OK — your turn will come eventually.

Searching for a job is not easy. You may find your emotions rising and falling like a roller coaster. It’s important that you keep your morale up during this period of job search. Don’t give up. Giving up is defeat and you’re not a quitter!


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  1. Glen says:

    We have a nice law practice. The only and only thing we look for in hiring is enthusiasm. We would rather have a person who really wants to be part of our team instead of some individual who has great qualifications but is just there. The fact is that we can teach anything to someone who really wants to learn. For example, we hired our current office manager when she was 20 years old and did not have any experience; and we were not looking to hire anyone. She just dropped off some documents and just started talking to me. She was so enthusiastic and expressed her desires so honestly and completely and with such enthusiasm… there is a person we can teach and who will produce quality work because that's how she is. She is now our office manager and has exceeded our expectations in every way.

    When you apply for a job, just be … nuclear.