Hackers Build Vet Jobs Apps

March 11, 2013 |


The United States military hasn’t always had the best relationship with hackers — from Wikileaks posting ill-gotten gains on the internet to the Chinese military allegedly attempting digital break-ins, we rarely hear about progress from the white-hat side of things. While the term hacker is often bandied about to describe anyone taking illicit action in a digital environment, it can also describe individuals who use their knowledge in a benevolent way. Josh Seefried recently took part in what he describes as hackathon to create an app that would help veterans find jobs more easily and efficiently. He reports via Huffington Post that the new app, named CareerMob, seeks to fix every issue a Veteran might face while searching for a job.

CareerMob stats by bypassing the typical pages-long personality test many employers use. By answering a short, simple questionnaire, the program determines which civilian jobs best suit their experience and interests. Rather than pigeon-holing veterans into jobs that perfectly match their skill-set, it gauges what type of training would be necessary for veterans to obtain jobs they are genuinely interested in. Lastly, the app finds mentors that can assist the job-hunting veteran. The modern job application process can seem overwhelmingly impersonal and difficult to job seekers, but with good information, guidance, and an attitude of fostering talent rather than making assets fit, veterans will feel more comfortable tackling their job searches.

While CareerMob is still in development, check out the Jobs section of Military.com for assistance in job searching, translating your MOS into civilian skills, resume building, and finding other veterans who can mentor you.

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