Six Beneficial Associate Degrees

March 18, 2013 |

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Sometimes the only obstacle between a veteran and a new job is a bit of education. Sometimes this means going to a four-year university and working hard for a bachelor’s, but Yahoo! Educaton reports that there are six associates degrees that will boost your marketability as a job seeker that only take an average of two years to complete. These degrees can usually be completed in accredited community colleges, and can lead to lucrative careers.

1. Medical Assisting. Becoming a medical assistant is a great way to work in the health-care industry without many years of arduous study. Obtaining a medical assistant associate’s degree means learning basic medical procedures such as taking vital signs as well as office skills such as maintaining records.

2. Accounting. Getting an associate’s in accounting means you’ll come obtain skills in analyzing data and balancing finances. These skills can apply to a wide range of tasks such as bookkeeping and budgeting. This is the type of degree that will set you up with skills that are as practical as they are multipurpose.

3. Information Technology. Information technology jobs are on the upswing — they have been for a few years, and there’s no sign of them slowing down. An associate’s in this field will give you knowledge of computer hardware and connectivity. These skills would easily help in pursuing a bachelor’s in computer science should you decide to.

4. Business Administration. There are many business professionals who never went to a college, and whether this describes you or not an associate’s in business administration will give you very marketable skills. Students of these courses learn things such as financial management, accounting, economics, and marketing.

5. Paralegal Studies. Understanding legal jargon isn’t easy, nor is navigating legal procedures or knowing how to research law. An associate’s in paralegal studies confers these skills which many companies are in need of. Those with an interest in law but don’t have the time or the interest in studying it for four years or longer should consider this program.

6. Health Information Technology. The ways in which medical records are kept is evolving, and an associate’s in health information technology will bring you up to speed on the latest procedures. Whether a company needs some old fashioned filing or needs data entered for the latest digital record-keeping, this degree will give you the skills they need.

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  1. Eddie says:

    I have a criminal justice degree and have not found a job in that field. There’s a slogan that states “HIRE THE VET FIRST” but you what it’s not happening, it’s only happen to certain people…