Air Force Upgrades Transition Assistance

March 24, 2013 |

TAP Handbook

Two of the most critical factors in successful transition are training and planning, and now the Air Force plans to assist with both. Searching for jobs is as much a skill as performing one, and veterans used to receiving explicitly clear instructions for every aspect of life might stare down the sprawl of job search tools with a bit of unease. Fortunately for Airmen, the Air Force has revised its Transition Assistance Program (TAP) with new courses to help veterans successfully  return to the civilian world.

Although these courses are mandatory, they cover skills crucial to reintegration including financial management and transition planning. Each base covers the same material such as a transition overview day, three employment workshop days, and a VA benefits day. Furthermore, three two-day specialized transition tracks are available at many bases.

Airmen are qualified to attend TAP sessions up to two years before their retirement date, and those who are separating can start one year ahead of time. More information can be found at the myPers website, and Airmen can contact their local AFRC for course schedules and information. To find the closest TAP counselor to you, check out this search engine.

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