Four Ways To Answer Any Jog Interview Question Without Being Paralyzed By Fear

April 04, 2013 |

 Any interview can bring up questions that you fear. It is almost as though you project the question that you fear they will ask you – and they do. Here are four ways to answer any question asked in an interview.

1.  Listen to the Question. The first step is to make sure you listen to the question to see exactly what they are asking. Clarify the question if you need to. Is there a concern? You might ask, “Why do you ask that?

2. Think. Take your time and think the answer through. Sometimes just taking a deep breath and focusing will bring ideas into your head that has just gone blank. Listen to the question and then think it through.

3. Respond. Use positive information to answer. Answer it directly, then move on and refocus.

4. Refocus. As soon as possible – steer the conversation to another topic. Important point: Give only enough information to answer then move on. The best way to do that is to redirect the interview by focusing a question relating to your strengths and how they might be used to handle other concerns.

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