Translating Military Skills May Become New York Law

April 24, 2013 |

Senator Addabbo

Veterans in New York will find that they have a strong advocate working to secure their employment. Senator Joseph P. Addabbo recently announced he supports legislation that would help veterans communicate to employers what type of job experience they gained during their service. According to Long Island Exchange, the bill would require the State Division of Veterans’ Affairs to provide an MOS skills translator on their website.

“Unemployment among our returning servicemen and servicewomen is a big problem and a very serious concern on so many levels,” said Addabbo. “In many cases, the positions may be there for these veterans, but neither the job-seekers nor the job-providers can figure out how to translate the details of military resumes into successful job offers.”

Addobbo cited a 2007 study performed by that found 61% of employers didn’t understand how different MOSs pertained to certain jobs. Furthermore, 81% of veterans felt that they were not prepared for returning to the job market. If passed, the new program would help in translating military skills in a way that both veterans and employers can understand. The bill is currently being reviewed, but if you’d like an example of what a MOS skill translator might look like, check out Military.coms version here.

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