Walmart: We Will Hire All New Veterans

April 30, 2013 |

There will be plenty of news coming out in the next few days about the White House’s Joining Forces program, as First Lady Michelle Obama will be presenting an update on the program’s goals later today, as well as future steps to help hire and train veterans and military spouses. One notable piece of news we thought should get its own call-out today is Walmart‘s announcement of a new program in which it is pledging to hire any honorably discharged veteran within one year of their date of discharge.

The new program is scheduled to start at the end of May, and Walmart U.S. CEO Bill Simon estimates the average hiring process should take 30 days. How long will this program last? We should be getting more details in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Update: Below is the latest press release on Walmart’s pledge, along with some more specifics.

Today, Walmart U.S. CEO and U.S. Navy Veteran Bill Simon participated in the Joining Forces Employment Announcement with President Obama, Vice President Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden at the White House.

Mr. Simon made the following statement regarding Walmart’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment and the White House Joining Forces Initiative:

“We greatly appreciate the President and First Lady Obama and the Vice President and Dr. Biden’s leadership on creating opportunity for veterans. It’s an important effort, and it’s making a difference.

“The private sector is stepping up for our heroes, just as they have stood for us. Every company in America has benefited from the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.Sadly, too many of those who fought for us abroad now find themselves fighting for jobs at home.

“It’s up to us to right this – and to put our veterans back to work. And let’s be clear: hiring a veteran can be one of the best decisions any of us can make. Veterans bring to the private sector that seriousness and sense of purpose that the military instills. These are leaders with discipline, training, and a passion for service. Our nation has invested in their skills and it shows.

“So earlier this year, Walmart announced we will offer a job to any honorably discharged veteran within his or her first twelve months off active duty. We project that Walmart will hire and train more than 100,000 veterans over the next five years.

“Since then, we have been building the systems to launch this effort on Memorial Day. Today, I’m pleased to share we’ve set a goal of a 30 day hiring process for veterans seeking direct job placement — 30 days from job application to job offer. And we believe the vast majority of applicants will be placed within 30 days.

“We’ve also been reaching out to other companies. When we announced our commitment, the First Lady’s team immediately expressed an interest in working with us and the entire business community to build on our pledge through the Joining Forces Initiative.

“To move this effort forward, I wrote to 50 CEOs in the U.S. to urge them to make hiring commitments of their own. And I’m proud that 43 of those companies joined us in March for a working meeting at the White House. I’d like to thank the Joining Forces Initiative, which has been a great partner in creating awareness and building momentum.

“I can also share today that we’re working with several other companies to create a talent exchange that will help veterans find the most appropriate job openings for them – no matter where they apply. We want to offer veterans the best range of opportunities across different industries and occupations should they need it.

“Through their service, veterans give us a land of freedom. I believe it’s our responsibility to give them a land of possibility when they return.”

For more information about Walmart’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment please visit:

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  1. India Bridgette says:

    What about other honorably discharged veterans who can’t get a Jon. Walmart tolde I was over qualified to work there!

  2. Kevin says:

    I'd recommend staying in the military… If possible.

  3. Brian says:

    So why just new vets? How about "old" vets?

    • I agree…not sure what kind of jobs they will have but it should be of all Vets, not just new Vets. I never understood why those like us who have served in the past are considered as being non-existent.

    • ANY DAY says:


  4. Brenton says:

    Bull I was a scout sniper and just gotten out in nov and they said that they has no openings even though the front said now hiring

    • Megan says:

      I would go back now and reapply. If you are told no again then go to your local representative and let them and the local paper know what happened. Make are you have names, dates and times. It could be just some idiot at Walmart who isn’t doing their job.

  5. Ralph says:

    Just a warning to all SOLDIERS/SAILORS/MARINES, it will only be PART TIME and if you are deployed and return, the WAL-MART Leaders will make your life so miserable that you will either quit or get fired. I have been there and know about it.

  6. verlin says:

    Also no health and dental insurance either.

  7. verlin says:

    oops meant to say No medical and dental insurance.

  8. Female Sailor (E7) says:

    Been there done that – it's a marketing scam for Wal-mart. Go to college and collect the VocRehab pay.

  9. ms6 says:

    It's walmart!!! Does a foodstamp app come with the job?

  10. ms6 says:

    Brenton, When called about a reference the first question was "do you think he would harm any employees?" This country is so scared of dying they can't live.

  11. Mark says:

    Walmart pays less then the Military and Walmart doesn't house/feed/clothes me or give me medical insurance.

  12. dave says:

    you wont have an apartment and a car at the same time …walmart pays chump change for wages….you will work..but will need to have room mates and take the bus or a bike to work

    • JloE722 says:

      Dave, you are one crazy dude, but true. Have you checked out the pictures online?

  13. Joe says:

    Put in your time and take out the dime! One day at a time. Life can be fine ! That just came to me! LOL true I'm also dyiing of cancer! They say 6 months or less. Greeting at WallyWorld . See:))

    • denise says:

      so sorry of your illness . there may be alternative medicines to fight this
      beast. may the lord be with you and heal you.

  14. Teddy says:

    F’ing WALMART? In the article it says the private sector is stepping up for Vets. That’s a sad statement. I didn’t know giving vets a job at Walmart was considered stepping up. Making sure Vets get the civil service jobs they apply for would be stepping up. Federal Labor Laws state that qualified Vets will receive preferability status when applying for jobs and promotions. It’s written plain as day in each states labor laws, but its rarely enforced. Enforcing that law would be stepping up, not giving vets jobs at Walmart where they make $12 per hour if they’re lucky. When articles like this are published to give the general public the illusion our vets are being taken care of, it really shows how disrespected they are. WALMART? You gotta be kidding me!!!

    • Ed says:

      I believe most of you are naive, and some of you don’t know grammar. Aside from that, you fail to realize that there are corporate salary opportunities available…not only at Walmart, but every retail store. They all have distribution centers or headquarters which require IT, logistics, production, or supply oriented employees. Nonetheless, read between the lines…leadership. Stop being so ignorant and open your eyes to opportunity. This initiate is a great thing.

      • Gil says:

        Ed I don’t agree at all.. I have been looking for an IT job with my military background and was told that my military experience does Not make me qualified for anything. It actually is become harder to get a job with military experience other than security jobs .

        • Ed says:

          Gil, out of curiosity, what is your AFSC or MOS? I am looking into retraining and would like to know as much as I can along the line of future outside opportunities. Thanks in advance.

  15. Paula says:

    1ST, I'd like to thank my fellow veterans for their service.
    Secondly Teddy is right, the LAW say's we're to be given preferability, but not
    always is this the practice. Especially if you're 'SC'. That's like a curse almost they are straight haters. As if the benefit was not earned already, I have to agree with the person that said GO TO COLLEGE!!!

  16. Mike says:

    Don't do it! I retired in 2007 and took an Assistant Manager position at a local Walmart. They don't want to hire enough hourly people to allow you to accomplish the tasks they give you. Then, they expect you to stay after your shift is over to finish it yourself. Hourly people get a break every two hours and a mandatory lunch break but, you don't get that if you're on salary. I figured out how much I was making by the hour and it turned out to be about $12 an hour, which is about the same as some of the hourly people. I gave it about a year and then I "popped smoke".

  17. Army Vet says:

    I have to agree with Teddy and Paula. State and even Federal government jobs are out there and they claim that honorably discharged vets have priority over others who don't have military service, but even when you're found to be "qualified" for the opening it seems to go to a civilian who never served. The VA is very good at making it appear as if they are pro vet but notoriously indifferent when it comes down to actually hiring one. Even if the veteran has worked for the VA in the past and left for personal reasons out of his/her control. For years I've been trying to get back into federal service but never get past the referral stage! No one seems to be monitoring for compliance with policy. They would rather go with a young pretty face than go with a solidly experienced person who is willing to work! Young pretty faces don't want to work for peanuts, so Walmart is just trying to go for the desperate veteran who is!

  18. Retired Vet Spouse says:

    I think this is great but what about the other vets that have been out of the military for 1 year or more. A vet is a vet no matter what service, how many years or when they were in. Walmart needs to take attention to hiring the vets who have been out of the service longer cause they probably need a job more. Remember there is no discrimination of age when hiring people so that should follow under the same line!

  19. Kenny says:

    Veterans need to hold our representatives to task, I've struggled for almost 5-years now with the GS system, have 3-college degrees, including a masters, 22-years of Hon service, deployments, etc! Jobs I am well qualified for go to an 18/19 -year old spouse, becaue of spousal preference Obama signed into Law!
    I am currently stuck in a term position…14 an hour, working any shift they want me to!

  20. Gil says:

    Walmart is a liar. Don’t do it . I worked for them for 5 years and never broke 12 an hour.. Plus never got and benefits and most of the people are in and then out the door. Yes you might be a preferential hire but when you need something that the company doesn’t like they WILL find a way to make you see things their way or quite. And they give no overtime and less than full time hours. 32 hours a week and if you go over without approval you will be fired. Go to school and forget the Walmart publicity lie..!

  21. James Stone says:

    Yeah us ‘old’ vets can’t get a job anywhere. Yet they put out all these announcements that this company and that company are vowing to hire vets but they don’t!!!!!!!

  22. Steve Forbes says:

    When I got out in 2004 It took me 4 mouths to find a job, I had to get two jobs, for all jobs offer only parttime. I work for amy diffant places. I was out of work in 2008 to 2010. Yes I was out of work for 2 years. I was looking for a job but it seems noone wanted to hirer me. I work anoter job for 2years 6months, then out of work for 4months. Have a job but it only seasonal. The job market sucks, I dont care what Obama says, things have not looked up for this vet. Still looking for a job will to keep me on an pay fear pay. It seems companies no vet's are dessprat so they say take this pay or no job.

    • jenon says:

      The best advise I could give you is to go to school. Learn how to write and spell. It will make a big difference in how HR looks at your application. Written communication is an important part in landing a good paying job.

  23. Rodney says:

    I've read everyone's and agree. Walmart isn't what it's cracked up to be. I've been retired since 2008, and it's been very tough finding a steady job. I've worked 2 overseas jobs, and made some decent money, but both companies were going through cutbacks to conform with troop drawbacks in Iraq and now Afghanistan. So what I've done is use my Post 9/11 GI Bill to the fullest. To get some extra skills under my belt, plus you get a housing allowance and a monthly stipend. The question I would have to ask is how many are getting their disability benefits? Also someone mentioned VocRehab and you also have VRAP. Both are still accepting application for school. I would also remind you to get on the VA website to see what you are entitled to.

  24. Mark says:

    I am a vet with 12 yrs active duty. I have been out of work for almost a year now because my business failed. I would take a job at Walmart in a second, and I would work my ash off. Just try what I have been through and you will be begging to sweep the floors. Wake up people a job is a job, be grateful for what you have and quit moaning about how terrible everything is. Get up and change it, maybe get a job at Walmart.

  25. Ralph says:

    My idea of walmart is fake and and sad what they are doing to the so called loyal employees. My mom is a widow from a purple heart with 20 plus years at walmart. And what they are doing is looking to fire the old timers. All walmart is looking for from the vets is the tax break. They dont care about vets nor people. All they care about is how to evade paying full taxes to the government. I would not apply at walmart. There are plenty of other great companies out there other than walmart. Im a vet myself and so sick and tired of wall street, politicians, and companies like walmart that try to destroy what this country is all about. We need mom and pops stores that respect their employees and quality of life. Walmart trys to impose how to work like china. This is not china walmart! Walmart has more problems and law suites than wall street has numbers. The proof is on line how they treat people. I take my shopping to mom and pops and not walmart.

  26. Mzd12 says:

    I wanna say they say spouse too but I haven't even been giving a interview, they give the jobs to welfare people first. How is this right?

  27. Jimmy St. James says:

    I took advantage of this so called offer and wouldn’t do it again. Since I was hired by a field office, the store manager made it clear the her Assistant Managers that I am only to work Fri-Sun overnights. When the Assistant managers approached me on why I was only available over the weekends, I said I was available any day during the week and that’s when they told me what they were directed to do. I’m not new to retail and expected to work weekends, but having me only work overnights on weekends seems a bit curious. It wouldn’t be such an issue if the store manager didn’t specifically direct it since the Assistant managers make the schedules.

  28. Sherry says:

    vets with college degrees can't get jobs anywhere either. Not enough work experience the excuse. They don't count military as being a job and it's the hardest job anyone can do.