GE Hiring Ex-Military Personnel

October 11, 2011 |

A great article on the GE hiring of ex-military personnel. They are seeking ex-military and have an agreement with the Army reserves to guarantee priority consideration for job interviews for qualified participating soldiers.

Anyone have experience with the GE process that they are willing to share?

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  1. george says:

    I am a Honorable Army Vet, served during the Vietnam Era. I worked for a Division of GE from 1998-2001 Just so happens I was laid off from GE!
    I hold a B.S. degree, took GE inhouse project management training and received my six sigma training; certification as a Green Belt for what ever its worth.

    As long as GE is making money all is Good but as soon as they have negative qtrs they start to lay off people. Great article, dont pat yourself on the back Carol Martin! I still hold GE stock that is worth allot less then when I started in 1998.

    As a VET, I cant even get Hired full-time with a GOVT Agency, this is a sad fact.
    Our Govt should of been given rebates or Tax Credits to companies to hire VETS
    all along! We dont need a Jobs Bill to figure this out.

    • Hi George
      Sounds like you have had a bad experience from GE.
      I understand that GE is not perfect but from what I read it sounds like the corporation is at least making an effort that a lot of other corporations aren't even given lip service to.

      These are tough times for all – and for you vets – it is totally unfair.
      I would strongly encourage you to let go of your grudge against any company and start thinking of the positives in life and business — not easy when you can't get a job – but bringing "baggage into the interview" is a sure way NOT to get a job.

      People want to work with people who are upbeat and positive – not angry. I know that you have reason to be angry but if you want to move forward – you have to let go of the past.

      Best wishes to you – – thanks for writing.

  2. Allen says:

    George, I'm with you. I have 5 Good conduct Medals, 4 Navy and Marine Corps achievement Medals, 2 Combat action ribbons and a College Degree in Restaurant and Culinary Management and still can't find a job. I was medically discharged in June, have a 50% VA rating and sent out at least 40 Resume's. This new act/law whatever Obama put out, NO ONE is listening.

    • Allen says:

      *among other medals and ribbons, but you know what I meant.

    • carole says:

      Hi Allen
      You have done a good job and your commendations and medal speak for your service to country.
      I know it's not fair but right now there are too many people looking for jobs and not enough jobs — as you well know.
      Unfortunately medals don't translate like they should in the world of work. If you can translate what those medals stand for into transferable skills – what it took to get those medals it will come across much more impressive than the medal itself on your resume and in the interview.
      What did it take to get 5 good conduct medals – does everybody get that type of medal for good service or do you have to go above and beyond to be a recipient of a medal? Those are the questions that "civilians" don't know. You are in a different world outside of the military and it's not that your service wasn't appreciated – just not understood.

      Best wishes – thanks for writing.

      • Jason says:

        good conduct medals simply means you didn't get into any trouble throughout your carreer ie dui, drug related issues, violence, etc.
        Navy Achievement medals you simply apply for and recieve if you get something done exceptionally well, and get a couple good signitures verifying it. Every E-7 and above have at least 3.