Perfecting Veteran Resumes

July 22, 2013 |

Handing in a resume.

The Spokane Journal of Business recently covered a few individual stories of retired veterans running into trouble while looking for civilian jobs. The main theme that’s arisen out of the piece is that veteran resumes could use assistance in standing apart from the pack. Felicia Jensen, a 45-year old veteran with a masters in Human Resources, found it tough to find a job until she worked with WorkSource on changing up her applications. “If I could go back and pull the first resume I submitted two months ago and replace it with one I’ve refined now, I would absolutely do that,” Jensen says.

Some veterans, however, might feel as though their military service doesn’t give them anything worth putting on their resume. Bryan Dooley, a veteran employment representative with WorkSource, said, “So often, you get the guys who were infantry that say, ‘All I did was carry a gun.’ Well, no, that’s not all you did. A majority of them have some leadership skills.” Even if a veteran did not work in a particularly specialized MOS, the wealth of soft skills they gained in the military are invaluable.

If you find yourself running into difficulties building a resume or figuring out exactly how to describe your MOS on a job application, check out’s resume builder and skills translator. Have you experienced any success or difficulty in telling civilian employers about your military experience? Sound off below.

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