Sears Holdings Corporation to Host “Invite a Veteran to Work Day”

October 24, 2013 |

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One of the biggest barriers between veterans and new jobs is knowledge – simply becoming more familiar about an industry and the working world in general can set  you on the right path. Without understanding how specific companies and industries operate, it can be very difficult to set and achieve professional goals. According to 4 Traders, Sears Holdings Corporation (which includes Sears and Kmart) is attempting to do its part by educating veterans through an “Invite a Veteran to Work Day” event on November 6th.

“We recognize the key role the veteran community plays in the workforce as evidenced by our 30,000 veteran associates, many of whom are still serving in the National Guard and the Reserve forces,” said Sherry Nolan-Schultz, vice president, talent acquisition and diversity, Sears Holdings. “We invite all veterans to join us on this unique day to learn more about our company, career opportunities and workforce re-entry strategies.”

The event is planned to last six hours and will include numerous activities such as sessions on veteran transition strategies as well as workshops on using social networking, drafting effective resumes, and interviewing skills. To help veterans learn more about Sears itself, the day will also include a campus tour and lunch with a senior executive. Space is limited for the event, so if you’re interested, RSVP as soon as you can.

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