25,000 Jobs for Veterans and Spouses

October 19, 2011 |

In August of this year President Obama made a commitment to getting 100,000 jobs for veterans and military spouses by 2014, and today the spotlight was on 25,000 of those jobs, as First Lady Michelle Obama made an announcement at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia that the American Logistics Association, a trade group of 270 private companies, is committed to hire 25,000 veterans and their spouses by the end of 2013 — for more details, see this news article.

ALA members who are participating include ConAgra Foods, which has vowed to hire 3,000 veterans, Prime Team Services, which will add 1,250, and Tysons Foods. ALA President Pat Nixon said most of the jobs are in on-base retail facilities, such as grocery and wholesale stores, gas stations, convenience stores, recreation facilities and day care centers. There’s no details yet on what types of jobs will be available, although Nixon mentioned that they won’t be restricted to just entry-level positions.

“The businesses making this pledge include name brands like Proctor & Gamble, Tyson Foods, Hewlett-Packard — but also smaller companies like Prime Team Services, which is planning to hire hundreds of military spouses and veterans next year alone,” the first lady said.

To date, 12,000 veterans and spouses have been hired under the Obama Joining Forces initiative, according to Bradley Cooper, executive director of Joining Forces. “The message for businesses is we want to ensure that these talented veterans and spouses have the opportunities they deserve, and that businesses understand that value that veterans and spouses bring,” says Cooper.

Hopefully this initiative will serve as incentive for other companies to hire veterans. Will it work in the long run? Stay tuned as this (and similar stories) develop, and feel free to sound off in the comments section below…

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  1. Kate says:

    This is wonderful news and our veterans and military spouses deserve it. Military families bring SO much to the table…I hope more companies start to see just how valuable vets are.

  2. Patrick says:

    nothing but PROPAGANDA. What they fail to mention is that the "new jobs" for vets are either high end jobs where you need to be senior enlisted of senior officer, or the jobs are low income and dead end jobs. I'm a disabled veteran who was a junior officer and have been having a very difficult time finding a career

    • Craig says:

      I hear ya, bro. I'm also a disabled veteran. Every time I went to look for a job it was, "Oh, a Vietnam veteran. You must have been the one that killed all those babies!" And we only hire illegal aliens. Seems like this crap never ends. I think Obozo's only pandering for votes.

      • Peter says:

        Absolutely correct! For example, the new program for folks with homes that are upside down. They're original loan is backed by Fanny or Freddy Mae. They can't get it refinanced. Well, now they can no matter how much they need. No estimate needed nor closing costs involved. If you have student loans, you get a break on that too. Tell me his isn't trying to buy votes.

    • sandra says:

      All you people are complaining because the jobs are for people with higher education or dead end jobs… if you want to work, a job is a job..take it until something better comes along. Don't expect a 100K job. And why is it the Presidents fault?

      • robert says:

        Sandra you must be a sick person the facts are the facts obama has done nothing to help out until its an election year what has he done for the poor people the oil spill and so on and so on what about our fuel prices our food costs lost homes homeless people the economy jobs and what about all these failed greenhouse companies billions and billions of lost monies that we and our children have to pay for what about the millions of money we just gave money to this 100,000 per car company that has no intention of building them in the us hes been on vacation since he has been in office and now we ate ten times worse off than the end of bush and we are paying for this crape without a choice

      • Byron Ater says:

        Sandra get a life. I have an MBA in Information Systems and I have been unemployed for 13 months. For one I am also a disabled veteran and I still do not get an opportunity for interviews. Just a notice that the government decided to go in a different direction. Most recruiters only get paid when they place some one. So the more resumes they can accumulate or fill their data base the opportunity they have in placing a candidate into a position so they can get paid. A lot of time applicants are applying for a position that was opened but they know was filled. So before you make blunt statements about people complaining remember Vets gave their all for you to voice your opinion. How about walking in their shoes.

      • wounded warrior wife says:

        Sandra, my husband has two master's degrees and served 18 years in the military. He can't even acquire a job that gets us out of poverty. Yes, he accepted a job that gives us a little income while we are looking for something better but we are going on TWO years looking for a job that supports our family. I also work full time and neither one of us has been able to find a job that pays the bills. You really shouldn't speak unless you know what your talking about.

    • Dave says:

      I agree I am a retired USN Enlisted!
      Wow Obama is doing the same thing that u see on TV its all an act and he is an actor whom really has not done anything for The state of employment in the US, Worst President when it comes to bringing the hammer on BIG Buisness, Why tax Big guys just so the can stop hiring and start letting go of folks. Once a communitee organizer always a communitee organizer, he needs to be Fired as Donald Trump would say. Where is Ronald Reagan???

    • Hannah says:

      You know what, I completely agree with everything. Propaganda is what it sounds like to me. I am also a veteran AND military spouse, just received my Bachelor of Science degree and STILL cannot find work. Yes, a job is a job, but offering below poverty line wages to vets is an insult. Having 2 small children, that kind of job would be a waste after you pay for daycare and all the expenses. Lets not mention that our "nice President" wants to cut the child tax credits by half this coming tax season. Thank you for serving our country and putting your life on the line for us, here's a pat on the back and wish you luck to make money and support your family you nice vets. Come on. And even all the city jobs advertise for permanent residents ONLY, knowing that we will have to leave in 3 years again, spouses don't get hired.

  3. hstilling says:

    Only 25,000. Barely a drop in the bucket. Election banter, I agree with Patrick.

  4. Joni says:

    I haven't seen any jobs for spouses or veterans. I am both a veteran and a spouse of an active duty member with a master's degree. I apply for jobs that say they have veteran and spouse prefernence but I don't even get an interview. Where are these jobs at???

    • Joe says:

      I can understand your frustration take a look at the site below it is the form that explains veterans preference points and spouse preference. It is very straight forward. If you have not filled this form out in the past then you were not considered for the veterans preference points (The VA qualifies you to the employer that you apply to). Hopefully this helps, I am retired and have friends that have received jobs in the government sector with very little complications.

    • Becky says:

      I'm also a vet and an AD spouse, and you're right. I've applied for several jobs (and I do have a pretty stacked resume), and I've not even received a phone call. I truly believe that this is only to get the military under his influence because he knows that the majority of us wouldn't fall for his trashtalk unless we were "bribed", and he knows that employment is the only way we listen, unlike most of his other followers who only listen when you say "handouts".

      • CynG says:

        Becky it's got nothing to do with the President, this promise to hire more vets and spouses has been going on for years. Republican or Democrat it doesn't matter they all promise it.

  5. candor queen says:

    What they don't tell you, is they are putting 25,000 other people to the street. I am 53 yrs old and have worked logistics as a contractor for 32 yrs. They are insourcing jobs. When my coworkers and I applied, we were told we didn't have enough qualifications! After 32 yrs! What they meant was, we didn't have points or was not former vet. Now what do we do? Don't qualify for social security yet and 401k is way down. This is just a shell game.

    • Semper Fi says:

      Welcome to the new generation Pops! Its about time your baby booming ass got a taste of what your generation has been dishing out for years. I am a proud Marine vet and have a degree and yet the typical baby boomer hiring manager gives the "you dont have enough experience." So its just priceless its time your generation is reeping the crap they sewed. Look around this is the world in which boomers created and this is now the world my generation has been left to fix! So I couldnt be happier to finally hear one of you got a dose.

      • RTMyers says:

        So glad the new generation came along. I am 50 years old and also am a vet served 10 years in the Navy" haze grey underway". Got out in 1988 to a world that really did not care if you served in the service or not. Put myself through college earning both my Associate of Arts degree with an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 and my Bachelors in Business Administration graduating with an overall G.P.A of 3.2,Meanwhile working retail because that was the only job I could work with flexible hours. Now with a Bachelors I am still either over qualified or under qualified. Nice try but this mess has been handed down from one Generation to the next, Thank our career politicians in D.C, if you want to thank anyone. They know whats going on and sitting back and collecting there salaries and kick backs.

    • Rosie says:

      problems all over the place with these announcements. Obama pulling all troops out of Iraq to be taken home; is that to be asigned somewhere else and not middle east? or, is that just home on R&R? Or, is that so they can RIF (reduction in force=-layoff) the thousands they already said they were going to do? Is 2013 or 2014 time enough to get them jobs when they will be unemployed (if part of the RIF) in January 2012? Do they go homeless after serving this country so valiantly? I'm concerned that no one is REALLY thinking these decisions through and thinking of all the options. What is going on?

  6. gary says:

    I'm also a Navy Vet who has been trying to get in the VA Healthcare system for employment. They ran an ad on Military.com that 26 VA facilities were hiring Chiropractors in the Fall, but no one in the VA has even heard it. As a Chiropractor & Ex-Corpsman, they aren't even posting the jobs on USAJOBS.gov, yet, and they won't accept an application unless it's posted there first.

    • Ruby says:

      I am also a Navy Corpsman vet and a spouse of an active duty Navy man and have been unemployed more than I can to say due to the needs of the Navy. I am college educated with a specialized skill, but I still can't seem to get an interview or a call back from government positions. I would like to know where are these 25,000 jobs are going to be located and what skills/education is going to be required? Because like Gary, no one seems to be aware of an increases of jobs in my area.

  7. Airasalt says:

    Oh; that's wonderful Mr, President! now I can get that 10 k photo with your wife. ITS ALL BS>>> He didn't create anything, never has, never will. NO wait thats not true, MY health insurance premiums doubled this enrolment period, as i said earlier Thanks

    • louis says:

      i am an Army, VET of OIF, desparately looking for work with my 30 % disability preference points for the past 3 yrs.i have submitted many applications online to many places like Department of Homeland Security,Department of Army for civilian work. I agree with many of you guys like patrick. I voted for Obama thinking he would do better than Bush. But the moment he gave money toWall Street and the Banks & GM to pay their CEO,Chairman bonuses that he was no good. Another bad thing was approving the health insurance cause it raised my insurance premium to double. He will not get my vote next term for sure.

    • anonymous says:

      if your health insurance premium went up, you should check your medical record.. it could be false billing from the health service provider..

  8. Paul says:

    Five minutes of my life reading this I'll never get back!

  9. Christine says:

    The program Michelle Obama created is pointless too. I’m a military spouse and there are no jobs for me. They are all high end jobs that require big degrees like airline technician (I can’t fix and airplane) none of them are realistic jobs for military spouses. I even have extensive medical training and there still isn’t anything. It’s campaign propaganda we are on our own to find jobs. Enlisted Veteran’s and active duty wives are not gonna receive help don’t kid yourselves…

    • sandra says:

      You shouldn't be depending on anyone to give you a job…get off your ass and look. You have an extensive medical background and you can't find a job???? you must not be looking in the right places…

      • Tonya says:

        Are you in the military or a military spouse? sounds to me like you are just on here to incite problems. I live in Arkansas and my husband will hire him. They know that he has drill and that he can deploy so it's a no go. He has years of training, but it is not excepted in the state of Arkansas. I have several degrees myself and I cant get a job. When they find out I am a military spouse, they ask if we will be POSing at anytime, when I say I really don't know, even though I am more than qualified, I get told they need someone that will not be moving away. Now you tell me Sandra, how do I get hired.

        • Shannon says:

          Tonya- you are 100% accurate in your statement. Employers do not want to take a chance on a military spouse because they MIGHT move and usually can't predict when! I almost missed out on a promotion because of this very fact. Of course now, that we are newly PCS'd and beginning the struggle all over again, without a single contact in our area (because it is truly all about who you know), I can't even seem to land the $8 an hour jobs that I'm settling for. I am over-qualified. They know I will jump ship as soon as something better comes along and they are right, even though I have never been a job hopper and have despised that trait in co-workers. These people saying that we aren't trying, have no clue.

          • Jim says:

            yet as a Navy Vet (disabled vet) i am constantly told, sorry, although you are very highly qualified for this job, someone with “spousal preference” applied and took the position. Spousal preference has higher preference than Veterans and Disabled Vets so my years of experience and college degree mean nothing when that application gets dumped on a job opening.

      • RA Vets Spouse says:

        I agree with you Sandra because, there are jobs out here. The person has to be willing to put their feet to the pavement and look for them. No one is going to bring the job to you .

        • Jessie says:

          I have to agree with the other wives….I am currently living in a different state from my husband because I have a good job here and can not find anything in CA!!!! Its so hard to be a spouse because we do move alot!! And don't tell me that we are not looking….I am constantly looking for some way to get my family back together!! There are simply fewer jobs out there and employers only want to invest in employees that they can count on for long term.

        • robert says:

          Well your a looser to

    • Lady says:

      I am military spouse to…..what jobs….I would love to have one…..with a Master of Education degree and still can not teach because I have to be certified in each state we move to…..

      • El Gato says:

        You do, but generally the state will work with you. I remember my wife working on a temp certificate in Oklahoma, on the basis of her Nebraska one. Same thing when she first went to work in Texas. She more "make up" courses to take in Texas before getting her permanent certificate here.
        Now she teaches teachers to be… in fact she's chair of the department.

    • Tina says:

      Hi Christine,
      I certainly agree with you about spouses getting the short end of the stick. I have went on at least 3 interviews in the past 6 months and did not get the job because of being a military spouse. I was qualified for all of positions but a couple of the employers made a comment about my husband being in the service. I am presently working but for hardly anything at all. I hope that you will find the job at the right time. Good luck.

      • 2Intrigued says:

        Tina at least you are working and not simply complaining. By the way the EEOC loves cases such as the one you mentioned. If you can document any of that then you have an open and closed case of descriminatory procedures. Contact your local EEOC office.

    • 2intrigued says:

      It is likely you are one of those who have grown accustomed to spending your husbands money rather than making your own. He works so should you……..jobs are out there if you can spend as much time looking for it as you do a gated community or other ways to spend the money he works so hard for……..wow –woe is you…..Go to school do something other than sulk and complain. You have a soldier he risks his life for us daily and you whine because you tire from looking for a job–how hard is that. SMH

  10. Melvin King Jr says:

    As a disabled vet I have been looking for work after a company I was with for 10 years lays me off because I was the low man on the totem pole. They said the where cutting back because of the economy. There was no severance just my last pay check and a pink slip. Now I am just getting along with my disability and an odd job here and there. I have a wife to take care of and I cant even do that. She is working but not much. There must be something the government can do to help.

    • robert says:

      Wish I could say more for you but the man at the top has his own thing going own and its not to help the little person or any American and that’s the way it is we are stuck right now but hopefully there will be a changing of the guard

    • G A Milani says:

      Ya'll have some more children, seems the only way to get any help from Uncle Sam, .. and, so far as the Obama's are concerned, The less Vets that come back from Iraq and Afghanistan and Iraq, the better. Less spaces to fill that way, except for holes in the ground. Why do Politicians take a big crap on the assets that put America the most powerful country in the world? Its like driving a nail in a tire, then wondering why you get a flat, .. senseless politicians, ys'll vote to get all the incumbents and chair-holders outta there. Only way to get any progress underway..BUT do your homework, and make sure the new ones arent as bad or worse than the last ones..God Bless America. Good comment Melvin..

    • dutchman says:

      bend over thats what thier good for

  11. richardrh says:

    airasault and craige stop crying, grow up, try and be a man. take what ever is available as far as a job, because if u morons think the republicans are going to help u, well, keep crying. they are doing every thing in there power to hurt this country and that my cry baby friends includes u.

    • Steve says:

      Are you really that ignorant as to single out republicans? It doesn't matter whether a republican or a democrat is in office nothing ever changes for the better. We have no legitimate government only a corporate shell of one.

    • Msgt (Ret) says:

      Yea Steve, like this loser marxist we have no gives a crap about anybody but himself and Mooshell. Dozens of republican jobs bills and budgets in the senate where ‘Dead on Arrival’ Reid refuses to even read them and then turns around and blames the republicans. You and your liberal pals are the ones who got us in this mess in the first place. Go find somewhere else to peddle your demoncratic, liberalistic propaganda. Fool!

    • dutchman says:

      look at the 28th amendment that the gov. put into law but yet they are above that law they serve 1 term and for the rest of thier lifes they are payed their pay check every week their keep getting their pay raises for what? their families dont have to pay for schools or loans (something is every wrong with that.

  12. dn112097 says:

    good news ..to some of the people here you have to look for work ..chances are if youre preaching gloom n doom here about this article then youre not actively looking for a job. seems youre just looking for something to gripe about. put that energy to use .there are job listings in a large part of the country ,or are you that vet that sat around complaining,taking smoke breaks ,and talking about what you were going to do while there was someone trying to speak to you about your benefits . i see vets everyday on their nice new phones updating their facebook status or texting while information is being put out ,then a month or so later wondering why so n so got this and all they got was the shaft look in the mirror first

    • sandra says:

      AMEN….Help yourself first…. before you look to others to bail you out

      • Susan says:

        Well Sandra, I have applied at Kohl's, for several secretarial jobs, AAFES, even McDonald's. I cannot even get a call back, so tell me, what is the magic solution? I had a great job at our last duty station and I do have a degree. I only started applying to the dead end jobs after applying to the jobs I qualify for and being ignored. I have probably sent out at least 100 applications and resumes in the past few months and I've had only 2 interviews! There is a feature enabled on Career Builder which allows you to see where your competition is coming from and I have competition coming from over 100 miles away and with higher degrees applying for the same jobs! Suck a lemon!

        • CynG says:

          You're funny Susan! As a retired vet it took me 10 years to land what I was looking for. Read my input under CynG. Perseverance is the only magic solution. Degrees come a dime a dozen these days. I know I have 2 of them. I just had to laugh when you said "Dead End" jobs because I will assume you meant the above 3 locations that you applied to. Of course no one over the age of 18 wants to work at McDonald's but dead end it is not! These places have made dreams come true for those who succeed at rising to management and then buying franchises.

        • 2intrigued says:

          Hi Susan why not try going back to school….learn something strive at improving yourself and then complain about the people MORE QUALIFIED than you apparently are getting the jobs you obviously can't deserve. How can you blame congress because you aren't educated enough for a job. If you have no criminal history and you do accelerate your degree programs then there should be no problem finding a job. People weren't simply given those jobs by chance we studied, fought and competitively applied. That is life therefore it is YOUR lemon so you may try sucking it yourself or maybe you could take the time out of your busy schedule to make lemonade and get over it or are you awaiting someone to lower their standards in order for you to gain the sugar for that as well. I have my own business an online boutique and yet I still landed a "high end job". By the way there is no such thing….it is called standards and all companies need them.You guys are a riot.

    • robert says:

      The people today have to deal with the uncontrollable controllable and this country is way out of control now who’s in charge and I’m an expert at what I do and for me I could get a job anytime if I did not become disabled and the surgery to get me working again is being refused to me so where was my cost of living over the last three years with gas prices through the roof which that’s what he want to keep pushing his failed energy programs and what about our food bills

    • utb41465 says:

      Good on ya. Look for yourselves folks. Yes times are tough, but we will survive and even prosper. that is what americans do. as for this whole goverment creating jobs thing…don't make me laugh. i've been in for 28 years, and the only thing the government does with money is spend it. they create nothing…only businesses create jobs. If the government will get out of the way then they would be able to do just that…please note: i did not say Republicans or Democrates.

      • LordRussell says:

        You’re understandably correct, but like every other business 7 corporation, they want to get grossly disproportionately larger than their pants will allow & abuse the hell out of their position 7 the people they work for. Then equally, some folks feel they they have earned a right to be hired over others for a working position. Some like our military brethren, others from the civilian circuit. It took me years to finally realize there’s no such thing as justice, but if the damned greed factor could somehow be eliminated from this common denominator & a true-ism for the proper person to the job be actually imposed we wouldn’t have to have this debate. And yet the elitists will stair down their noses at the ones who earned who earned/kept their freedom (when it comes time to pay for them) and will cowardly grovel & lick their boot when it’s even remotely challenged to defend it again.. That’s the problem with politicians that never served.

    • Tom Riley says:

      You should be careful about your assumptions. I am a disabled vet with two masters degrees in the Michigan. I was laid off while in school which I went back to because the company I worked for went under.

      I know use a four year old commercial lawn mower to make some cash cutting lawns and landscaping.

      As for the job search, I am on five major job boards, two career job boards, usajobs, and network in the field I am qualified to work in, with good references. I even consult "pro-bono" to demonstrate the work I can do.

      The doom and gloom is backed up by very tough economic times. This you should know if you don't live under a rock in a culvert somewhere.

      People can't get hired if the money is not in the corporate budget to bring people in.

      PS – my cell phone is three years old and doesn't work all that well. I have reduced my data plan to the bare minimums so I can at least keep up with people in the career field when I am away from my desktop computer. (Notice, no fancy tablet and air card here….)

      • CynG says:

        HAHAHAHA me too Tom. My cell phone is 2 years old and it's Straight Talk, I am fortunate enough to get WiFi (bouncing off of my neighbor's signal); and I watch TV on my computer, no cable. Good Luck in the Job Market. If you can get into Department of Homeland Security it is a pretty good gig. If not maybe Truck Driving not bad either. Took me 10 years to get there.

  13. JerryB says:

    Start my second year of unemployment next week. My qualifications make me over-qualified because no one is going to pay me for what I'm worth and I'm not going back to minimum wage.

    • Bill says:

      I was mid-enlisted and had a 6 figure position. I was laid off 2 years ago this Christmas Day. I just started a new job at $9. I was the first real job offer I have had. Very sad to say that in this market we are worth what the highest offer tendered. Just like my house – only worth what someone is willing to pay.

    • Jim J. says:

      my first job after I got of the Army was a dishwasher, get over your pride and take care of you and your family

    • Mike says:

      Jerry, minimum wage is better than NO WAGE! It doesn't mean you will be there forever. When obama and the other Libs are thrown out, and we get some responsible, conservative adults running the Govt.,things will get better.
      Been there,done that

    • utb41465 says:

      Sorry dude, you are obviously not worth what you think you are. don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution. take whatever job you have to to get back going until this whole mess gets straightened out, then go back to a job that pays you what you think you are worth.

  14. Jim says:

    It does have that election year flavor to it, what do you think?
    When will they get the point…, we need real jobs for real people like, real soon.
    These empty announcements simple prove what we have come to discover…, this president doesn't have a clue on economics. Unless of course you count, leveraging our future economic health by recklessly borrowing against it.
    It's time for the "chosen one" and his entourage to go!

    • 60+ says:

      Jim it seems to me that you have no idea of what you or talking about, maybe you should check yourself and the facts before you write crap like that

  15. sleepy29738 says:

    I have a doctorate in theology I'm a veteran and I am unemployed. I'm about to lose my house and my disabled wife, is who is also a veteran, . Guess what I have lost all faith that this government. Nothing but a bunch of give me and take.
    We can give 3 billion dollars to a country that think of us as the enemy. The President of the country that we are fighting in just said that he wasn't going to support this county i the fight against terrorism if it go into Pakistani. we just need to tell the world to take a big leap and just take care of the people of the United States and not the illegals that are in this country.

    • Hannah says:

      So sorry to hear about your situation sleepy29738. Clearly something is wrong with this country when a Dr. Can't even get a job. I get so sick and tired hearing people telling others to stop whining and get out and look. I have personally spent day in and day out, stressed to the max searching for employment and dropping resumes here and there to never get a call. Country has gone to the pits of hell. Good luck on your search.

    • simon says:

      with a degree in theology and the outlook you portray it is no wonder why you are on the outside looking in.

  16. sandra says:

    you racist pig… you will never receive a blessing or anything else because of your racist views… He is no more of a liar than Bush, Clinton, or the daddy Bush….

  17. Shannon says:

    I’d love to know where these jobs are! “… most of the jobs are in on base retail facilities, such as grocery and wholesale stores, gas stations, convenience stores, recreation centers and day care centers.” Upon my last search, these jobs are currently open at my base and they mostly pay just above minimum wage! The AF moved us from an overseas base (which I knew was coming), where I was employed as a GS employee for two years and excelled in my position… Even had an AF Best Practice published before my departure. I worked my butt off in hopes that my resume would make me a shoe-in, along with the supposed “Priority Placement Program” I would be enrolled in upon my return to the states. Because of the hiring freeze that became effective 2 days after our arrival and the fact that we were relocated to a base that is in the middle of nowhere with high cost of living and poor wages with no job market, I have been unemployed now for 3 months and there is no end in sight. The average wage in this area is approximately $8 an hour with an average commute of 30 minutes both ways! I have been very patient with every move we have made, been willing to start over and from the bottom every single time… But I haven’t had to work for $8 an hour in over 12 years! Those promised jobs are an insult to the experienced, educated and driven individuals who, because nothing else is available or because in “small town USA” people don’t WANT to hire a military spouse (because of the possibility he/she will move), will eventually be forced to take them! I may not be the one fighting for our country and our freedom, but I have given up plenty to support my husband that does. Let our sacrifices count for something.

    • Susan says:

      I am experiencing the same thing Shannon. I have applied everywhere and spend most of my free time looking for a job. I really prefer not to go back into retail, but if I can at least get hired I will. It isn't looking promising even on that end though as I have applied and received no call backs. When I call to inquire, I am told by some snotty kid that the manager will call me if they are interested! UGGHHHHHH!!! Good luck, we have to try to keep our chins up.

    • Maria says:

      I agree with you 100%. As a military spouse as well I have been to numerous job interviews all with the same "we're looking for someone long term" speech.

    • Susan says:

      I am experiencing the same thing Shannon. I have applied everywhere and spend most of my free time looking for a job. I really prefer not to go back into retail, but if I can at least get hired I will. It isn't looking promising even on that end though as I have applied and received no call backs. When I call to inquire, I am told by some snotty kid that the manager will call me if they are interested! UGGHHHHHH!!! Good luck, we have to try to keep our chins up.

    • Corazon says:

      I feel your pain Ms Shannon bec I'm in the same boat. Bec of relocation I had to give up my job as a GS for 13 years and have the experience. I even applied for NAF jobs where they advertise jobs as always open yet I do not hear from them. I have my credentials but I doubt if thery even try looking into it or even consider checking what I have to offer. I emphatize with the young folks as well because nowadays companies look at the experience more than the knowledge that these young folks has to offer. My question is how are they going to get experience if they are not given the opportunity to learn/train for the job or show their abilities. It is really sad that they spent soo much money to obtain a degree and then just becomes jobless because they are considered overly qualified for jobs that they are willing to sacrifice. What happens to the so-called equal opportunity in this country? But I will continue to have faith in my God who continues to supply for all of our needs and not our wants. I thanked God for you and I encourage you to hang tight. Your sacrifices are appreciated. Praying for you and your family and for our country and the governent system for fairness and exercise equal opportunity to all.

    • unicestene says:

      Yesssss!!!!!! I understand what you are saying Shannon..I'm a spouse of a disable vet also…and the struggle and battle goes on to find something suitable for my family…yes i have experienced the job that pays 7.25 a hour…..it is an insult to my experience as Director of Education (former) because of new owner which are from 3rd world company coming into America and practically taking over our positions in leadership….I have had to sacriface a lot because of husband disablity, taking care of him..trying to keep him stable in mind and balance in thinking positive and now always youre on the batle grounds…the spouses also suffers as the vet does…WHO CAN AND WHO WILL HELP US????? now that is the question.

  18. Alan G. says:

    I have been out of a job for over four years. I have applied online and in person for jobs and yet i still have yet to get my foot in anyones door, but I don't blame the president. He's not the one out there doing the hiring or the firing. I didn't here this much complaining when Bush was in office! I have lost my house and my family because of the rediculous job situation out here! I have enrolled in school to supplement some form of income! i hope that it will get better soon! I have even tried to get a contracting job overseas, but it seems as though you have to know someone to get those gigs!!! The only thing i can suggest to anyone is to keep looking and think positive!!

    • mea says:

      agree agree agree!!! At the age of 47 my husband had to re-enlist just to get a pay check!!!!!!!!

    • unicestene says:

      This is true keeping thinking positive and something will come your way…My prayers and blessing goes out to you….In Christ there is total victory!!!…Keep moving and thinking and applying..something will eventually come to..i know…it did for me….its a small start..but it got to work for now…i in expectatin for increase as time goes on…Stay positive Alan…

    • Becky says:

      I think you should look at the number of unemployed when Bush was in office, and then answer your own question about that. I'm sorry for your situation, but I think you should do research about the President and his friends. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I'm not an idiot either. This guy only wants support so HE's not in the unemployment line too.

  19. Sonny says:

    All this propaganda about hiring vets is "smoking mirrors" , there is no truth to it at all. They hire a small amount of token veterans and the rest will wind up on the food line. I myself have applied to USAJOBS.Gov via OPM and have never heard from them. I applied to numerous job announcements and never get a reply. I've called and emailed them several times and never get results.
    I have talked to many veterans as myself and they tell me thay get the same results "Nothing". I have recently put in a complaint through the Inspector Generals Office, but have no hopes from them either. NOTE: for all you VETERANS seeking jobs, please go to: YOU TUBE and go to the VETS HIRING OPM site. there you will see the realization of how the Currupt Sytem works.

    • Bill says:

      As far as USAjobs.gov, I just started a gov job on Monday after finally getting 2 offers. Mind you, I’ve put in hundreds of hours searching, applying, hoping, and praying. 3 years after logging on for my first time, after being one of the top candidates hundreds of times, I have finally gotten hired. You have to run the marathon to pass the finish line.

      • LordRussell says:

        Congratulations Bill, but might I say… That is indeed one hell of a marathon and like a baby’s diaper, some folks simply can’t wait that long to tend to it.

    • hsrunner says:

      its smoke and mirrors not smoking mirrors :)

    • sharon says:

      This is the same thing that is happening to me they do not care about the Veteran or their family, they hire who they want to they really forgot what the mission is(TO HELP VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES)

  20. JacobM says:

    I am a vet as well. In the last 16 months since getting laid off from my factory job in the spring of last year I have put in for about 400 jobs in several different parts of the country. The only job I have been able to find is a crummy site security job that doesnt even pay the bills. I have a 4year degree too paid for with my GI Bill and some of my own money and that hasnt helped any either because I am not even working in the field that I got the degree in and there arent any of those types of jobs where I live at now. So, you cant say that I havent been looking for work or dont have anything to put on the table concerning my education because I have. There just isnt much out there and what there is either doesnt pay or requires more than a 4 year degree to even be considered. If you are looking for work out of state, chances are they are going to hire the local guy before you regardless if you are more qualified or not. I have ran into that as well with a city job in another state. All I can say is good luck and hopefully everyone will be able to find work eventually. It might not be what you want, but sometimes something is better than nothing and unemployment doesnt last forever!

  21. Randy says:

    Now I'm not looking for feedback, just posting my experience. I am a transitioning vet with 20+ years. I started looking for a job months before exiting the service and after my retirement ceremony worked 8 hours a day job hunting because that was my job. I received multiple offers and just accepted a good job within 45 days of the retirement ceremony. I know some folks here are looking and putting in the effort, but some here are complaining and NOT putting in the effort. If you're not working the 8 hours a day job hunting, you're at least partly to blame for your lack of employment. I know from personal experience there are jobs available – maybe not the perfect job – but there are jobs. Do a search on monster.com with a radius of 50 miles from where your at….

    To those of you who are putting in the effort, you have my most sincere wishes for success now.

  22. egypt says:

    I am a female, I have a Master's degree and is a high percentaged disabled Army veteran. I am not blaming one single entity for the way our government is going right now, because to tell the truth, it's a mixture of everything.. All i wanna say to all of your harsh and blaming game complaints is that if you believe in the power of prayer—-PRAYER CHANGES THINGS AND JUST ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES UNTIL A CHANGE COMES…. thank you.

    • robert says:

      I have to agree with you we are in the times of the end and soon Jesus will be back for the second coming and then statan will be gone forever all the signs are there from a Christian point of view so yes prayer is what is needed man has destroyed this world good comment!

    • ggrosie says:

      well said egypt.

  23. Sgt. Robert R. Raysor says:

    Look I Agree And Disagree I Was Employed 3 Years Ago Was On My Way To Go Back To College At Night , Elderly Lady Hit Me While I Was Walking To Make A Delivery Broke My Back Ankles Went Into Rehabilitation six Months Plus I’ve Been Going On Line In Person Interviews Job Fairs Applied At Fast Food RR’s Updated My Resume Honorable Discharge …..Did Everything Everyone Asked Of Me Nuttin Nuttin Lost My House No More 401 K Gone Zero My Unemployment (99) Weeks Over N 3 Never Been N Jail Paid My Taxes Served My Freaking Country…….Man Tired The Folks That’s Blocking Bills Fighting N Congress (They Got Houses Health Care Pensions 401k ………….Children Please (Congress) Walk N My Freaking Shoes I’m A Vet Who Served ………This Is What I Get?……..CHA Please …….Leave Me Be I’ll Be On Food Stamps Next Month ……..Thanks

  24. Bill says:

    The economy is bad, at least he’s doing SOMETHING. I see many people complaining, but no one said anything when W had his move jobs overseas tax breaks. The President doesn’t create jobs, but tries to give incentives. I am thrilled that he is pressing the private sector. We have atleast 2 more years for the economy to stable out if all goes well. Too many veterans have already fallen off the radar. Anything done for us is more than we had yesterday.

    • Greg says:

      Well we didn't get in this bad shape over night and we won't get out of it over night either. The President can't fix things over night how ever or who ever got us into this shape at lest he is trying to get us out of it. We lost jobs over seas for what ever reasons now we need to find a way to get them back. Our President went to the CEO of GE to ask him to help come up with a plan to get jobs back here in the USA. At least he is trying new ways to get us out of this mess. Yes I am a vet and one I got out no one helped me find a job I just hit the streets running and found work it wasn't what I wanted to do but once I got a job I just kept looking for something better. I got out and stayed in N.C. then I moved back to up state N.Y. but the cost of living ran me out because my wife and I were both working a mater of fact I was working 2 jobs and couldn't get a head then my wife lost her job so we moved to Ga. Were I worked 2 jobs because my wife couldn't work any more. Then I worked any were from one to two jobs so we could live not what I wanted to do or what I went to school for but it was work and the pay wasn't that good to start with my main job but I worked my way up in pay. Now I haven't been able to work as of Dec. 22, 2010 I have had 3 back operations and 2 neck operations I would love to go back to work doing any thing evening if it meant I had to start at $8 an hour again at least its work. Once you stop crying about a job and start looking for a job you might find one no one owes you a living even if you are a vet unless you can't work because you got hurt while you were in. Stop crying and start praying and turn it over to God he will help you. That is God as you know him as AA would say.

    • Lee says:

      Please don't be blinded by all this bs. He hasn't done anything for this economy or this country!

  25. jobi says:

    Hum!!! 25000 new jobs!!!!!!!!! Then tell me why are we cutting many gov jobs to create new ones? Go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Wiseup says:

    You handout, stimulus loving fools…you voted for change and now you're crying because that's all the coin you got. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and work…you're a live, your're breathing and that's a lot more than some of our veterns and families can say!

  27. EDDIE says:


  28. Arno says:

    Why doesn't the President order the US Government hire veterans, yes we get extra points, but the hiring personnel still can pass on a veteran and give the job to a friend or someone else. The VA has the least number of veterans working for them of any government agency. Why????

  29. no way says:

    Well well. how many of you vet's think you get vet preferance? You know the 5 pts, and 10 for 30% disabiled. Well the points are worthless. you don't get them until you meet the minimum qualification score and then the points are added to your score. So, if you need 80 to qual and you score 75 your out of the running. if you and a non vet score 80 you nowhave 85 to the non vets 80. So what the selecting official can pick anyone he or she wants regardless of the score. you don't win just because you have 5 more poins then the non vet. So what good are they. just another lie. took me 2 yrs to get hired kept being told not qualified. when hired i was trained by a 21yr old non ver you was hired 8 months earlier and on other job was Lowes. You think it helped that his dad was a GS-12 at the same instalation. look aroud at all the non vet family members working at you base. their all over the place.

  30. Xnavygirl says:

    I am a Disabled Veteran who has been trying to find a decent job for the past 2 years to no avail… I have done my part, went to school earned 2 associate degrees and a bachelors degree… prior to the past two years… But everywhere I go I am told that I have no experience or that I am not qualified… I WANT A JOB AND I WANT TO WORK!!! What do I really have to do to get a JOB????

  31. Tim says:

    I am disabled and Ret AF. I was a go getter in hazardous materials. Airlift, certification of hazmatt. I traveled to teach hazmatt certification classes. I ran two passenger terminals. I witnessed many people get out or retire and in less than a week they walked back into the same job that was switched from mil to civilian just as they were getting out. I have won many awards for teaching transportation mobility classes. So for three years I broke my butt trying to navigate the paper work and online apps for many jobs that I worked earlier in my career. Never came near qualifying. So now I am stuck at home depressed fighting Parkinsons. Ii had a great auction business but even gave that up due to depression. Here it is now 10 years into my diagnosis and I have begun recently tracking down jobs that are easier for me. Out of 9 inquiries 0 takers. So I have no choice but to give up I guess.

  32. Joe Sailor says:

    The Gov jobs with the DOD or goverment as a hole are passed down from family member to family member being a vet doesn't give you as much prefrence as a person who never served but is related to someone who dad. mom.grandma or grandpa and every other relitive work at the base does. You give an arn or leg for your fellow country man and their little johnny gets the job. Thay all talk a good game but will give the job to the relitive before a vet. I see it every day. Your wound isn't as important as junion making his own car payment so mom and dad don't have to.

    • JBLE says:

      sorry, Joe Sailor, but your post is a crock. I do not know of one Jr who got a govt job (unless your discount mowing the facilities grass) because of daddy. However, reading your post, I would suggest you expand your education. Your spelling, grammar, syntax are atrocious. These are basic elementary skills that you lack. If I read a resume with as many spelling errors as yours, I wouldn't hesitate to put yours in the "no call back" pile. Sorry.

  33. ella24colleen says:

    I'm a military spouse with 2 master degrees and work experience at a few of the most renowned institutions in the country, but once the military moved my my family out to a base in a rural area – I haven't been able to find a job in almost a year. Until there are real tax incentives for companies to hire military spouses and the military stops moving military families around the world during a recession – nothing will ever change for us. This is just propaganda – as others have stated we are truly on our own.

    • Concetta (M.D.) says:

      "stop moving military families around the world…" you are really simple minded…it's a VOLUNTARY army…no one forces you to move…I am sure that you are enjoying those benefits that your spouse is receiving…get over yourself…YOU are not government issue…WOW!

      • Stryker99709 says:

        Yes it is a voluntary army, but we volunteer to give our lives and kick in doors nou knowing what’s on the other side, and we volunteer to go on patrols every day not knowing if we will ever see our families again our weather we will ever see our unborne kids, and in this voluntary army we volunteer to go to war first and collage later, then come back to the civilian world to find no decent paying jobs. Notice I did not say high paying I said decent paying, I have to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet for my family and provide the health care that they need. So yes I will volunteer my life so people like u can still use the Internet and talk about people like us. So CONCETTA just remember while we are all on here talking crap on the Internet there are many more of my brothers still out there risking our lives giving u’s all this right. We arnt asking all to be millionaires we are just asking for the rescept from the civilian job market that we have earned. To be given the opportunity to have a good job instead of being told we are under or over qulified for many of us from the military have better Managment skills than the civilian over us.

      • JBLE says:

        I find it hard to believe you are a medical doctor as your post name alludes to. It is a voluntary army/navy/marine/air force/coast guard…..but unless we want our marriages to fail, we follow our active duty spouse and that puts us at a distinct disadvantage in the job market. The DoD doesn't OWE us a job, but due to the sacrifices we make so the DoD has the best fit/fighting solder/airman it globally can, a few perks thrown our way would be nice. We have families to feed also. AND your might be surprised at how the "benefits" of active duty have dwindled down to the bare bone.

  34. moe smith says:

    wouod love to know where these wonderful jobs are. because there isn’t shit in Ohio. been out of work too long, about to lose both car and house. sent out over 1500 resumes to date and the most I get is I’m over qualified. I just want a job that pays more than what unemployment garners.

  35. B says:

    As a dedicated military wife for 16 years and counting we transfer every 4 years . I was fortunate to get a job on base in 2000 so everytime we pcs’d it was easy for me to have a job waiting at next base. So with that being said I have a lot of experience In the government sector but lost my job over a year ago due
    to budget cutbacks and now I am being told day after day I am over qualified no matter what I apply for on n base and off from NASA to Radio Shack. I’m so frustrated it makes me ill. My husband is getting ready to transfer for 4 years away from us on unaccompanied orders due to the nature of the job , we have a special needs child that requires a lot of care so not only will my husband be away from us 4 years but I will be a single mom… Companies do not care about the spouses from what I see . I honestly dont think unucle Sam does either, I’m left behind with no job, no support while my hubby serves his country. It’s a BS election ploy! I personally don’t think our President has anything to do with this whole unemployment situation but please don’t put on your cape Obama and act like you care do you wont be unemployed!

  36. B says:

    As a dedicated military wife for 16 years and counting we transfer every 4 years . I was fortunate to get a job on base in 2000 so everytime we pcs’d it was easy for me to have a job waiting at next base. So with that being said I have a lot of experience In the government sector but lost my job over a year ago due
    to budget cutbacks and now I am being told day after day I am over qualified no matter what I apply for on n base and off from NASA to Radio Shack. I’m so frustrated it makes me ill. My husband is getting ready to transfer for 4 years away from us on unaccompanied orders due to the nature of the job , we have a special needs child that requires a lot of care so not only will my husband be away from us 4 years but I will be a single mom… Companies do not care about the spouses from what I see .I honestly dont think unucle Sam does either, I’m left behind with no job, no support while my hubby serves his country. It’s a BS election ploy! I personally don’t think our President has anything to do with this whole unemployment situation but please don’t put on your cape Obama and act like you care so you won’t be unemployed like rest of us!

  37. Randy says:

    "Most of the jobs are in on-base retail facilities, such as grocery and wholesale stores, gas stations, convenience stores, recreation facilities and day care centers" All of which probably pay close to minimum wage. To bad our veterans don't deserve a well paying job that would enable them to have a nice house and maybe a new car every now and then. But then, that would make to much sense.

  38. Quentin0352 says:

    Funny since I worked as a government contractor at the local base and they “insourced” the work there. When the hiring happened they picked everyone with a personal connection, passing over much more experienced service disabled vets with certifications and degrees for those with no education, no military experience at all and no degree. Not a single hire had ever been in the military and when I got my rep involved the explination was that none of us had put in the papers showing we served or etc when we applied. All of us checked ad had done so with the electronic application site you use showing we had but the claims of the hiring people held. Government work is a joke since it is not the first time I have seen this happen and it is all in WHO you know not your qualifications!

  39. Stephen Larabie says:

    This is all hogwash, i have applied to over 100 jobs on USAGOV.COM and never and i emphasis never have I gotten as much as a call for an interview. I am a college graduate, 23year veteran with supervisory experience in 3 different specialties and cannot even get an interview. So tell me Mr President and Congress just who the hell are you hiring?

    Stephen W. Larabie, MSgt (R'td) USAFR

    • neecie p says:

      Hello Stephen, I hear you loud and clear and I feel your pain! Hang in there and don't give up. I am in the same shoes as yourself with two masters degree's and management experience, to include being a 20 year vet with three different fields of specialization – and I too have not gotten ONE SINGLE INTERVIEW!!! In fact, after they see my resume, I never hear from them again. I agree with you, WHO are these folks hiring?

  40. Airasalt says:

    Well richardrh it’s good to see you can read, yet your comprehension has opportunities for improvement. I’ll remind you that I said “my premiums went up this enrollment period “this indicates I have a job.

  41. NAVY AIRDALE says:

    This purely BS capital BS…How about all the military coming out of Iraq and being discharged out into the streets..Clinton did it and they called it high year tenure program…
    We are really in sad shape… all is BS…

  42. DENISE says:


  43. Vet & Mil Spouse says:

    Ok, enough is enough. There are jobs available on the website. Stop the belly aching. You can get a job if you apply yourself. Yes, some of us are over qualified, stop thinking that just because you have a degree your qualified. There are alot of people in position that don't have a degree, but they worked hard to get where they are. Put your pride to the side, go to the temp agency, get an assignment then you just might get hired. So what if it takes 1-4 years to get in, you have a JOB. I see all these complaints is this what our men and women serving in the military protecting us are fighting for, stop it. Be glad your in a country that has the freedom of speech, but know what your talking about before you speak it, write it or read it.

  44. Tom says:

    What a bunch of crap! The business world HATES GIs!!!!!! I put up with maltreatment from businesses for 11 years. If you are a commissioned officer your treatment is night and day different then how they treat "enlisted slobs" If Mr & Mrs Idiot Obama are involved you can expect 7.50 an hour and not much else. I have worked for AAFES, they treat you as badly as the military treats its enlisted people. Con-Agra is the worst agri-business in the country and your "leaders" think you are deserving of a job from them? Lin Ho stop endorsing lies and half-truths!!!!

  45. Chaplain says:

    Praying for all God's people which we all are having to make sacrifices no matter how small or great due to this financial physical greed crisis. My heart goes out to those that seems to be at their wits end. I pray that you will put all your trust in God and very little confidence in anyone else. Pray and ask God to help you surround yourself with real God fearing people that are encouragers. We must stand together or else we will be divided and fall. 1 Peter 5:7 says Cast all your cares upon HIM for HE cares for you. I love you but God loves you more. HE will never leave or forsake us just keep holding on and surrender all to GOD. It's impossible to receive anything from GOD with out FAITH (First Active Ingredient To Holiness). Peace be unto all of you.

  46. corazon says:

    Mr. President, I respect your effort in trying to create jobs but the jobs available are not for everyone. I believe that there is a problem with the hiring system. Those who are in a position to do the hiring are not being fair to others especially those young folks who spent thousands of dollars to get an education and obtained a degree yet they are either overly qualified for the job or they lack the experience. How are they going to get experiences if they are not afforded the opportunity to practice their learned skills and abilities. The companies looks for experienced people who can do the job so they do not have to take the time to train others and pay for both. Where is the equal opportunity in this matter? Also I"m unemployed and have been applying for jobs where the jobs are listed as available all the time. Like the government affiliated job (NAF) where they advertise the jobs as (always open/apply) yet I do not hear from them at all. I have the experience and has worked for the government for the last 13 years and bec. of

  47. William Farthing says:

    This is great news, but, I am a CNC/Manual Machinist by trade. Is there going to be anything local (Redstone Arsenal, AL.) That I could apply for.

    William Farthing
    U.S. ARMY Veteran
    SGT E-5

  48. Tom says:

    The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer and where is the middle class??
    out of work over 2 years

  49. Douglas says:

    I am a Retired (one week ago) Diasbled Vet who served in the Infantry my whole life. When I recieved my notice of seperation, I had two months to get the job hunt down. I was running into walls because I did not Have my DD124 yet, nor the letter from the VA on my disability. I did not let that deter me. I researched resume writing, converting military skills to civilian, Gov employment techinques (KSAs), and learned how to effectivly search and apply for jobs (I wanted to stay in Civil Service). I landed an entry level position within the State of Florida as an Employment Rep. Pay is not great, but I am getting my feet in the door. I was un-employed for only three days. Florida is a Veteran Friendly State, and that help greatly. So, if what you are doing is not getting you results, do something differently. Stop blaming evryone and everthing else. Take charge, the Military taught us that much.

    • nam_vet6869 says:

      Thank you for your service. I remember in the early 90's they had a couple of programs for separating Veterans. Are they not doing the Training Assistance Program or the Disabled version? WOW two months notice is not much, glad you are in Florida, it is one of the most friendly States. Good luck in the Future.

  50. Gulf War Vet says:

    I never seen so many disrespectful veterans in my life. The way you talk about people is a good indicator of your personality as well as attitude. Yes its ruff out here but I have not heard one comment about the real people who are blocking job creation in this country, your Republicans in Congress. Guess most of you are over qualified to understand how your government works.

    • nam_vet6869 says:

      There are 22 Bi-partisan Job Bills setting and drawing dust in the Senate, that Reid will not even allow discussion on. Guys, I am 64 years old and have never drawn an unemployment check. I delivered newspapers, phone books, mowed lawns, and cleaned dairy barns to make money. I even rented a dump truck and went to Construction Contractors and managed to keep construction sites clean and made over $3500 a month. My point is, don't wait for a job, go make you a job you will enjoy. If you love your job you will never work a day.

  51. Glenn Lego says:

    I am a Viet Nam vet who worked for a factory for 30 years and in 2008 the company closed and left town. I have been underemployed or unemployed ever since. Have sent out resumes and online applications ad nauseum but if I get anything back at all I get the following: "Thank you for your interest in our company, however we have decided to pursue other applicants." I have even tried volunteering or internships and I can't even give myself away. I try to keep a positive attitude but you can do that only so long. I'd sure love to know where all these so-called jobs are, especially in relation to Rockford, Illinois

    • nam_vet6869 says:

      Rockford area was hit hard. I have family in Streator and it is bad there as well. I would guess you are about my age, I am 64, if being away from home is something you can stand, try Truck Driving. Your larger companies will pay for your training and then you make good money after that. My Brother is 72 and still driving, he has a dedicated run now, but he had his own truck for a long time. Do not let them talk you into that yet and then do not lease from the Company. BTW, Thank you for your service and welcome home. I was there 68-69 and 70-71, everyone has to be somewhere.

    • CynG says:

      Glenn you are in a tough position. I just posted comments on this site, but nam-vet6869 is right about the Truck Driving. As a female I thought about giving that a try but my husband backed out, didn't want to do it. Decent pay but like he said don't buy and don't lease, just work for them. Good luck to you. If you are a disabled vet and want to go to school, talk with a VA counselor about the Vocational Rehab programs they have. I went back to school for a couple of years; at least I was getting paid for that. It wasn't much but it helped.

  52. nam_vet6869 says:

    Those of you looking for jobs, I know it is hard out there. You have, as Veterans, some of the best Management Skills that can be taught. You also have an advantage Civilians don't have, you have already done a lot of traveling so another move is not pleasant, but you are used to it. You also have a natural database of contacts. Old friends you find and , hey Joe, are there any opening coming up. Networking works and, as Military, you have proven skills that any Company would jump at. Good Luck and Thank all of you for you service and God Bless.

  53. CynG says:

    Look all you highly qualified and under qualified folks stop crying and do something about your situation. Don't stop reading because of my first sentence. I am also a military veteran with 20 years of service, a 40% Disabled Veteran, and I thought that when I retired I would be a shoe in for a GS position. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! My resume(s) (that I wrote myself, not some company); were very astonishing and complimented me very well. I spent months polishing my resume skills to no avail. I spent countless hours writing a different resume for every position that I applied for, and that I was qualified for; to no avail. I spent 10 years in the following positions: Perdue Farms on an assembly line packaging chicken; Worked at a call center; Cleaned rooms in beach front condos; Juvenile Detention Officer; School Bus Driver; Tram Driver back down at the beach; went back to school using VOC REHAB funds because I fell under the military's dreadful VEAP program – retrained to Medical Coding, dead end, still no jobs; Cashier at Lowe's.
    Most of these jobs including my college was a 35 to 45 minute commute.
    Now listen up it was at this point that I started looking at GS positions away from the DOD. It took me 10 years to land a GS position as a GS05. As much as I want to be on a military base with the DOD, I see that will probably never happen. I have been employed with the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement division for almost 2 years now.
    Believe me it's not sitting there waiting for you. For anyone who tries to use the Disabled Vet thing, that can also work against you. Too high of a percentage will turn off an employer even in the GS system. It's a slippery slope. Your disability only gives you a slightly higher advantage. I held some of the same positions in the military that I applied for on the civilian side, and never even got a referral.
    I was pretty mad myself when I couldn't get what I wanted, but think about all the people out here that have always had to struggle and work these shit jobs. My heart goes out to them, I'm just fortunate enough that my perseverance finally paid off. And yes I too had to move to another state for this job.

  54. President Obama got a commitment from major manufacturerers to create 100,000 jobs for veterans and their spouses by the year 2014. What has the Republican produced so far in all the bills that have come their way. A loss of jobs in America and now attacking postal carriers and postal workers to whom many are veterans. There is a house bill that is going to be voted on that will eliminate most of if not all the gains in jobs the president has worked to hard to get. This is what the protests across the country are all about. The Republican party trying to keep the status quo and continue hurting the working middle class.

  55. After reading all this, I think I've decided to start robbing banks for a living. Seems like pretty good business to get into. Where's my drill? because there are no jobs out there for vets like me. FACT, no one wants to hire us.

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  60. cj soldier le fem says:

    I'm a service-connected disabled Vet with a condition called Adhesion disorder which developed after a military hospital performed (a Hysterectomy, etc.)surgery. After years in the VA health system being passed over passed to by numerous doctors and hospitals who repeated the same tests ( a few experimental treatments) and pain meds over and over I went outside and found a civilian surgeon.
    The guy took 10 minutes to evaluate me and had me in surgery in a week. After removing additional organs (gall bladder, Appendix and adhesions binding my bowels and right lung, etc .(I already had Uterus, 1 ovary removed by military drs.)
    I could bend at waist, eat more than 2 ozs of food at a time, use the bathroom, and take normal and deep breaths again after almost 3 yrs.
    The apathetic process of VA health care allowed me to deteriorate down to 98 lbs. and had me planning my funeral.
    I recently requested an increase in rating and applied for Un-employability status and was denied after one year.
    I haven't been able to get a job in really two years- except a one-day registration job at of all things " a job fair". Yep…ironic!!!
    I appealed in April 2014 and was told yesterday that the appeal application might get processed in 3 to 5 years. I guess she meant I only have 3-5 years cause Adhesion disorder is not curable.
    Surgeons just have to keep cutting more body organs out to try to give you more time to l i v e…

    I still have some life I want to live and give back- you know?
    Once I was brave and strong- worked 3 jobs at once, raised two little ones as a widow- and jumped out of some great big planes in a leap of faith!!!

    Just sharing cause its fricking lonely in this system…

  61. DedicatedWoman says:

    I honestly didn't see any racist comments in there. Someone obviously misreads information. maybe you should re-check what you are stating before blaming people for being racist.

  62. Ken says:

    No one here has mentioned race. Are you pulling THAT card out of the deck?

  63. Joe Salior says:

    Not one person made a racist comment about the Job act you need to check your self on that. I will agree with you that i was the Congress that is responsible for passing the budget and ensuring that funding is available for the government to run and between the President bailout proposal and congress approval of over 10 billion to banks, auto industry and insurance companies this country's economy has gone down hill.

  64. robert says:

    Do put a spin on this I’m looking at what has happened to this country over the last three years and remember this it was also white people who voted for him to now our country states cannot pay their bills now I ask you where has all these trillions gone to we have no chance to recover now bush has been gone for three years but I know a person like you who is racist will vote for stop wasting our time at least we are smart enough to read between the lines

  65. LordRussell says:

    The only racist here is you Andre & that is because you brought that ‘card’ out yourself. Bragging about $10 an hour job from a $20 job seems to coming from an individual who is still living with mummy & duddy and is is more than happy to be making beer drinky for his buddies so he has the biggest peepee at the bars on the week end. So Yes, back the 70’s there was a campaign called “Reading is Fundamental”, trying to get kids to self educate and get into a book. Had you self educated & tread into your advise, you’d have at the very least looked up the definition of racist. If nothing more, we’re all happy you’re employed. Empathetic that you had to take a severe pay cut (like everyone else in the country) from your previous standard, but that your making ends meet. But at least speaking for myself, wish you’d stop blaming the world for whatever your racist problems are & fix them. It only gets harder.

  66. Don says:

    Why does everything on this computer always endup someone having to say something about racism and hatred? Not all Americans are racist nor do they hate everybody.

  67. Becky says:

    Do you people ever listen to yourselves? I have yet to see one person (except you) mention his race. That is typical though, of you Democrats to throw the race card when you've got nothing else. You need to look to see how long "your left-wing democrats" in Congress have had power. Quite a long time now. I guess the economy is Bush's fault 3 years later too huh? You should keep quiet when you've got no other facts, not accuse people of your ignorant opinions.

  68. Sgt. J says:

    Wow whats with the race card. Veterans are all one group with many opinions. Yes Obama is statistically the worst performing pres. in our countries history. Do your homework, research and dont reply based on your own hate based position. By the way, 99% of all voting minorities voted for Obama. Do you believe those folks voted with their positions or thier color?

  69. Ken says:

    Yay! Nicely said.

  70. robert says:

    Thanks to the last three years of overspending we will never get out of this mess and I hate the fact that China owns us

  71. jim says:

    And if Pelosi would have thought to make up a budget and follow it… instead of "pay go' and doing no budget… well, no arm chair quarterback needed.