Veterans Virtual Career Fair

October 21, 2011 |

Veterans Virtual Career Fair

Career fairs are good places to be if you happen to be in the same neighborhood — but not so convenient if you’re a few hundred miles away.  We’re working with to overcome that  hurdle with the Veterans Virtual Career fair, which will take place on November 14-18. From your computer you’ll be able to communicate and engage with job exhibitors and attendees in a virtual environment. As long as you have Internet access you’ll be able to participate.

For more details and free sign-up, visit And if you happen to be looking for some traditional career fairs in your area geared towards veterans, you can check out our Career Fair page.

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  1. Sgt Jmack says:

    Career fairs are a wonderful place to walk around and meet nice people that really have no intention of hiring anyone any time soon, unless you want to sell insurance.

    • SGT Russell says:

      I agree. When I go to the job fairs all they tell me is go to the website. Heck I didn't need to use fuel to be told this.

    • SSGT EZRider says:

      Not all … they are their for one of two reasons, to keep a database of talent and/or are looking for people immediately. I found my last jobs at a jobfair within the last 15 minutes before the closing bell. My MOS was exactly what they were looking for and I got hired on the spot.
      No resume, no formal attire. So keep trying … and good luck.

  2. BJ Rehmer says:

    Absolutely correct and to the point. Change begins with us standing up for one is going to do it for us. Job fairs deliver far too real results for most veterans. It is time to take charge of our lives and speak up for ourselves. The politicians arent going to do it and neither is big business. Membership in ASVEI is free for all veterans. Get Involved!

  3. Kate says:

    I'll be very interested to see how this career fair goes. I tend to agree with Sgt Jmack above, but perhaps the online environment will attract recruiters that are actually looking to hire and reach a bigger group of vets!

  4. js_ret_af says:

    These career fairs are a joke. While being active duty, they really play it up about how they are looking for people with your quals. They may even ask for some paperwork on you. Then, once you get out, they act as if you have the plague.

    The only reason the companies participate is to get and keep their contracts. The people with input to contracts are the ones to really benefit, and only because they cross the line and play a part in the contract evals.

  5. Pat says:

    I applaud the commitment and dedication of my fellow veterans; however, they need to understand a few things. Unless you have academic
    Credentials to supplement your service achievements, you aren’t going to find gainful employment in this economy.

    Personnaly, I would choose to hire veterans over others because, face it, we know how to get **** done and we get it done right and on time.

  6. Chase Ford says:

    If you don't get forfeit your right to complain. ASVEI works for vets to get jobs…period. No other reason for it to exist. JOIN ASVEI…and help make a change in employment for veterans.