Oregon: New Vets Jobs Bill

February 17, 2012 |

Positive news for veteran job seekers in Oregon: KTVZ reports that the Oregon House has approved bipartisan legislation, HB 4063, that allows applicants for certain licensed occupations to substitute their military training or experience for what is normally required by an agency for licensure.

“This important bill is designed to recognize the skill sets that veterans of the Armed Forces have garnered through their experience serving our country,” says Rep. Julie Parrish. “It requires certain professional licensing boards to evaluate and accept the education and, in some cases, the hours served in professional fields during a veteran’s military tenure.”

The bill applies to over two dozen occupational fields and licenses, including teachers, engineers, land surveyors, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, private security professionals and investigators. HB 4063 now moves to the state Senate for further consideration. To read the full text of the bill online, visit this page, and to keep up with other veteran-related legislation, visit the Military.com Legislative Center.

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  1. Matt Bungato says:

    Learning to kill as an infantryman is not a skill set. These are the guys who acually do the fighting.

  2. Matt Bungato says:

    Learning to fight as an infantryman is not a skill set. These are the guys who acually put their life on the line

    • James turner says:

      That is a skill set, not everyone can do so. They are not taught to kill they are taught to protect.

  3. Karl Moulton, DVOP says:

    Infantry. Taught to kill in certain circumstances, survive, analyze, evaluate, lead, teamwork, paperwork, etc…