Troops to Transportation and Logistics Program

March 16, 2012 |

CASY-MSCCN has announced a “Troops to Transportation and Logistics” program (T2TL), placing veterans (with National Guard members receiving preference) in transportation and logistics jobs. A callout for companies to participate is below — for more details on the program, visit the T2TL webpage

CASY-MSCCN’s Troops to Transportation & Logistics ProgramSM (T2TL) isn’t just about driving a truck – it’s about the logistics and details of transportation in its entirety. Every company is affected by a form of transportation—from a simple shipment of office supplies or furniture to car batteries or wind turbines. This Program directly connects us to the over $400 trillion dollar world of commerce and is not committed to any one organization, company or industry. What does this mean? It means we have the ability to directly place
wounded warriors, returning troops, veterans and their spouses/caregivers into an industry that has no limits to training and job placement locally, regionally or globally.

The National Guard and their spouses will be given first rights to training and career opportunities in the T2TL Program—globally. Why? The National Guard has made many sacrifices for us and I want to show my appreciation by stepping up to the plate to volunteer with CASYMSCCN to lead this effort. I challenge YOU to join me and give freely of your time to organizations that serve our military. Now it’s our chance to say “thank you” by connecting our troops with rewarding careers. The military instills the skills necessary to succeed in many industries and we’re ready to match our heroes with careers that best fit their skill set. Along with CASYMSCCN, I am devoting myself and my family at AB Transport, Inc. to a mission to make an impact on the lives of thousands in the military, veterans and their
spouses/caregivers. We are seeking more partners like YOU. Your company will benefit in many ways by adding these reliable, highly skilled individuals to your workforce globally—these talented individuals will make a positive impact on your bottom line plus there are tax benefits for hiring military.

Now is the time to step up and do something good for your country. Join us today to pave the way for the Troops to Transportation & Logistics Program!

— Shawn Leonard

Opportunities in Transportation & Logistics
(*Includes positions in warehousing, rail, intermodal, air, maritime and international shipping)

– Management (entry-level, mid and executive)
– Operations
– Procurement
– Supply Chain Management
– Brokers—all types
– Logistics
– Freight forwarders
– Customer service
– Marketing
– Sales
– Remote opportunities
– Pricing Analyst
– Administrative
– Drivers
     – Cargo van & box truck (no CDL)
     – Semi – local, regional, national
     – Owner operator programs
     – Executive chauffeur programs
– After hours answering service
– Translation
– Billing/Collections
– Distribution
– Legal council
– Information technology
– Networking

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  1. chauffeur driver

  2. Robert Johnson says:


  3. G. Radovich says:

    Transportation Sales: 20 yrs experience on the street in PNW…..Ocean, Whse & Dist, and Trucking…..15,000 Flt hrs Loadmaster and Degree in Transportation.
    Accounts list extrodinaire……Sea/Air my speciality…..Independent Contractor..
    Export/ Import Sales….


    • Pete says:

      Thank for this information. I, am interesting in enployment with any government/military employment. Althought as a D.A.V, i need any type of employment that i may be quality for. Will consider training if needed.
      I realize that a Vet at my age ( 74 ) may find it a bit differcult to finf employmen however, i still have plenty of gas this in this old boy,s tank.
      All The Way ! Peter J. Brandel c- 419-565-3356

  4. R. Murphy says:

    Interested. Class B CDL w/passenger, school bus and air brake endorsements. Also, 25+ years sales experience.

  5. glen says:

    I am retired 25 years army logistician and I have been out since 2003 and cant land a good logistical job how do you plan to train these soldiers in this field when there's no one hiring for this position unless you have a 4 year degree.

  6. Diane says:

    Go to Whirlpool up in Michigan. My son just got a job in Logistician. Check out ABB and Baldor.

  7. Paul says:

    I was in the Guard in Mississippi where are these jobs at since i was the unit supply person

  8. Christopher Renfro says:

    I have been looking for something like this forever! I have been out the corps almost three years. I love logistics and looking for a job that has an entry level position in southern california in the la county, orange county, or san bernadino county. I really would appreciate any leads.

  9. Shelby Ritaick says:

    This sounds like a great opportinity for me and many other soldiers. I have 8+ years in transportation and logistics and am currents finishing my degree in Transportation and Logistics Management. After returning from my 4th tour I haven’t been able to find a good job to save my life. Please help!! I’m willing to relocate, am single with no chhildren and not afraid of hot weather and long hours.

  10. ray says:

    bottom line is this there are no logistic jobs . the problem is no one in washington is listing to the vets that have been out looking for years, put the retired 1sg,sgm,csm back on the job finding jobs for vets.

  11. juan Garciatorres says:

    army vet,have any jobs in or around columbia SC with manager and supervisory experience

  12. Intrested ! Transportation Management
    Coordinator (88N) Army Veteran AMS
    And TC AIMS II , proficient

  13. Randy Williams says:

    I was a Distribution Center Transportation Supervisor 13 years. I re-entered the military as a Loadmaster until I retired last Sept(2011). I am in upstate NY and looking for a job. Fast Learner, Ready to start…..

  14. leon oxendine says:

    i,m retired 20 years 88m transportation.. live in charlotte nc.. looking for employment… thanks

  15. Harry says:

    This is a win-win situation for both sides. On one hand, veterans are assured of a job once they leave the service. On the other, entirewarehouse management systems will benefit from the influx of military efficiency.

  16. Mary says:

    Why just give National Guard preference? Did not any Reserve people sacrifice for you? I imagine they did so they should get preference along with NG unless you are calling all reserve personnel NG. There is a difference between them only in operational task but they both bleed digital green.