Veteran Talent Portal: AT&T

April 03, 2012 |


We’re partnering up with companies across the country to help job-searching veterans get the inside track on getting jobs they deserve — one of our major partners is AT&T, which has created its own portal on which provides constant updates for new jobs at AT&T, veteran testimonials, and a skills translator which helps match your military skills to current AT&T jobs. Visit the AT&T Talent Portal to get all this information and more.

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  1. TSGT Robert Arieta says:

    As a 15 year employee of AT&T, I was suprised to see this add. Since my return to military service in Feb of 2002, AT&T has done all it can to fire me, or get me to quit over my military service. The threats have been many. AT&T is a very military unfriendly company. I do not recomend AT&T to vetrans.

    • Richard Barnard says:

      See the article about Home Depot and the California National Guardsmen. United Services Employment Reemployment Act.

    • unemployed says:

      I'm a 8 yr veteran who received the armed forces expeditionary medal. 19 mths before retirement at&t fired me for taking a long lunch break (???).
      No documentation on this incident and no history of discipllinary action. DOL ruled at&t had no reason to fire me. At&t is not a military friendly company. You're a number at at&t and ex-military is lower than that. Mine is not a isolated incident, especially in the southeast.

      • TSGT Robert Arieta says:

        Dear unemployed
        I have spoken to many AT&T veterans, who have been through the same thing. In 2003 AT&T (sbc) brought a bunch of us veterans,(in uniform), in front of the cameras to show how much they supported us. I doubt many of those veterans are still with AT&T. Most have probably been fired, or run off with multiple suspensions. I have a list of the names of all our veterans who were put in front of the cameras back in 2003, it would be interesting to hear all there stories since then. 925-330-6885 cell

  2. Richard Barnard says:

    You should contact your states DOL and files a complaint under the Servicemen’s Employment, Reemployment act.

  3. Jeff droke says:

    I applied to the customer service center in fayetteville nc and got treated bad. 1. was notified that I would be sent via e-mail for the directions for office location. NEVER recieved any e-mail from Anglea at all
    2. Her down and the way she handle herself on the phone was well below professional.

  4. james thomason says:

    go to wook for Verizon wireless…….they have better service and eventually the other companys will wize up…SSG james thomason ret