Vet Employment Issues at Home Depot?

April 05, 2012 |

The U.S. Justice Department has filed a complaint against Home Depot (see official statement below) over an individual case that violates the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (USERRA). If you find yourself (or have found yourself) in a similar situation as the one described below, be sure to go to the USERRA section to read up on your rights and the protections you have.


WASHINGTON – The Justice Department announced today the filing of a complaint in U.S. District Court in Arizona against Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. for violating the employment rights of  California Army National Guard soldier Brian Bailey under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA).

The department’s complaint alleges that Home Depot willfully violated USERRA by terminating Bailey’s employment because of his military service obligations.  Bailey, an Iraq War veteran, worked at a Home Depot store in Flagstaff, Ariz., as a department supervisor while at the same time serving in the California Army National Guard.  Throughout his employment with Home Depot, Bailey took periodic leave from work to fulfill his military obligations with the National Guard.  According to the Justice Department’s complaint, Bailey was removed from his position as a department supervisor after Home Depot management officials at the Flagstaff store openly expressed their displeasure with his periodic absences from work due to his military obligations and further indicated their desire to remove him from his position because of those absences.

Bailey initially filed a complaint with the Labor Department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, which investigated the matter, determined that the complaint had merit and referred the matter to the Justice Department.  The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division subsequently decided to represent Bailey in this matter and filed this lawsuit on his behalf. 

USERRA prohibits employers from discriminating against National Guard soldiers, such as Bailey, with respect to employment opportunities based on their past, current or future uniformed service obligations.  Under USERRA, it is unlawful for an employer to terminate an employee because he has to miss work due to military obligations.

Among other things, the suit seeks compensation for Bailey’s lost wages and benefits, liquidated damages and reinstatement of Bailey’s employment with Home Depot.

“The men and women who wear our nation’s uniform need to know that they do not have to sacrifice their job at home in order to serve our country,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.  “The Civil Rights Division is committed to aggressive enforcement of USERRA to protect the rights of those who, through their bravery and sacrifice, secure the rights of all Americans.”

“The National Guard is composed primarily of civilian men and women who serve their country, state and community on a part-time basis,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Ann Birmingham Scheel.  “National Guard members, and their employers, should know that we will employ all of USERRA’s tools to protect the employment rights of those in uniform while they sacrifice time away from their families and jobs for training and active duty.”

This case is being handled by the Employment Litigation Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona.

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  1. ex miltary says:

    Right on! shame on you Home Depot. Hire more Vets and promote it.

    • Morgan K says:

      I would not be surprised if Mr. Bailey's manager is a member of the Republican. I state this because Republicans don't seem to care anything about helping people. Perhaps if Mr. Bailey was rich, his manager would have gone out of his way to bring him back.

    • Eric says:

      I also applied multiple times no response back at all; 20 yrs retired Air Force (Harrisburg, PA).

    • glenniann says:

      Yes! But if the actions of HD are clearly illegal how can the Labor Dept. uphold those actions???

  2. sandman says:

    That's why I haven't heard back after applying numerous times!! Guess I will shop else where.
    If being a vet is such a bad thing then Home Depot should close their doors!

    • Luis A Ramos Jr says:

      I myself had applied numerous times to the Home Depot here in Charlotte, North Carolina and I am a service-connected veteran and nobody ever call me back for an interview. I will be going to Lowes for now on.

    • Jim says:

      The funny thing is I went completely through their hiring process but when they got my drug test results back . All the medication i'm on from the VA they lost all my paperwork and told me to reapply.

  3. semperfiguy says:

    Vet's come first!! Home Depot, you should know better!!! Wearing and being a veteran is unlike anything else that Home Depot has to offer, so therefor they should support them!

  4. ron says:

    lowe's for me

  5. Ex HDEmployee says:

    Went through something similar with home depot. They claim they are great to work for but the management in Atlanta sux BIGTIME!

  6. Defilade says:

    F&@$ home depot, Lowe’s it is.

  7. mil spouse says:

    My husband served 6 yrs active. He worked for menards prior to going in, he enlisted but had 6 months before boot camp. He is now having the same issue with menards and getting rehired. They have been putting him off for almost 4 months now. We arent sure who to talk to about it

    • Navy Ombudsman says:

      If your husband left his place of employment to serve on Active Duty. The company is not under any obligation to rehire him. If he had been a reservist and had been deployed and then came back and they gave him the run around then he would have a case.

      • DaRoosh65 says:

        That is not how it used to be. If you were working for a company and left that company to join the [active] military (full-time or [part-time] reserve/guard), then you had the right to return to the company that you used to work for prior to your departure into said military service. You would be reinstated at the same position you held prior to your departure. The only adjustment would be that your pay would now match the current rate for that position – which means it would most likely be at a higher hourly rate.

      • Chuck says:

        Wrong. Get your facts. straight Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) applies to all.

    • Chesty Puller says:

      What the heck R U doing JarHead ? We all know where the marines started out as… a SUB-department of the Navy… Instead of quibbling between services… we are all supposed to be on one team…. does not matter where you do your job to help fight… as long as you do your duty … honorably… We all (service members… unless a marine is not a service member) should stand up for each other instead of make cheap shots at someones …. vagina… :-) My uncle is a decorated Vietnam War Marine… damned proud of it… did an assignment with a Navy Seal…. recovered several POW's together working as a team…
      You are a disgrace to the Corp, the service and your country when you cut someone down like that… I'd code red you if I were still in…
      — Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller

    • Chuck says:

      Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) applies to active duty. Contact your ESGR Ombudsman

  8. J.D. says:

    Go here for help:
    Let us know what happens….Good Luck

    • mil spouse says:

      He informed the compaby that he joined prior to excepting the position. He has gone as far as headquarters to talk to people. Reguardless he left the company in good standings and is eligible for rehire and headquarter HR said he would be rehired yet they have dragged him on for 4 months now. Sad to say no one cares to hire vets now days. Its sad he can get shot at for 6 yrs but when forced out of navy due to rate lock ups he cant even get a min wage job to support his family.

  9. Diana Davis says:

    Def a difference between a veteran and someone who is still actively serving in the Guard/USAR. I’ve been told to omit the fact that im in the Reserves during job interviews to avoid the impression that I can be deployed at any time. It’s a shame and it makes it harder juggling two careers.

    • Navy Ombudsman says:

      Be careful because the employer can say you lied on your employment application…most applications have an area that asks about military service…for some companies that's grounds for termination.

    • Patrick says:

      Everybody says they support veterans to be politically correct, but a lot of people do not actually care about veterans. If it wasn't for us they would not be able to stand.

  10. gail says:

    They donot mind taking our money and giving us VETERANS a low 10% discount. My money will be spent else where. 10% is not worth the mess they have done to my fellow guardsman

  11. I just lost my job last week with Home Depot, it's funny it happened after 1 week after I gave them notice I was going to Afghanistan in the fall…

  12. David says:

    Home Depot fired all it's Store Human Resource Managers April 2, 2008. Now each store is run by an uneducated store manager and an uneducated division manager…… at least in the Arizona area…… dumb depot, dumb depot.

  13. Retire SFC says:

    After this info, I will definity go to Lowes and the staff of HomeDepot needs to be Jobless. I readly believe if it were their Son or Daugther in the military, they would not hire them…

  14. Old Load C141s says:

    Corporate Home Depot is the main culprut here. They, like WalMart Corporate, are the worst when it comes to "doing the right thing" when it comes to taking care of their associates. Last week I applied for a job at Home Depot. I will now recind that application and will not buy another item from them until they change there policy and compensate my military brothers and sisters that they have wronged. I will also tell everyone I know about this and anyone else who will listen.
    MSgt. James Ray USAF (retired)

  15. Justin Johnson says:

    I say we need a national home depot picket in each city and a set date…that would be awesome

    • John A says:

      I think that is a great idea. Have a Home Depot picket in all of the stores and have the local news cover it. I do believe they will listen then. As with everybody, I will refrain from going to Home Depot until they rescind their policy

    • Ret. SFC Brazier says:

      Let me Know, I will back the picket here in Michigan. Retired SFC Brazier. You can reach we at

    • Greg says:

      Greetings Justin,

      I live in Fayetteville, NC… just outside of Ft. Bragg… Served in the Army…afterwards, worked with the Special Forces on Ft. Bragg. I would support a protest against them in support of my fellow service members…(all service members in ALL branches.)

  16. msg jackson e says:

    I will be canseling my credit card with home depot

  17. David Land says:

    This is one for Facebook, and everyone of you who have been fired based on your military duties should do as you were instructed. Go to the website provided and file suit!!! And I will never step foot into Home Depot again!!

    CW3 David Land, US Army (Ret.) and 100% disabled

  18. Hayward says:

    I find it dispicable that Home Depot would take such actions! That being said I don't understand the comments regarding HD being somehow a supporter of the Republican party. The Republicans have always and I do mean always supported the troops while the Dems give lip service but they consistently vote against measures supportive of the troops. Just look at the actions of this president and his dismantling of the military In addition there is a running battle between some conservative Republican groups and the HD for the HD's open support for gay activists and gay pride marches etc. Up to and including authorizing gays to wear HD aprons in gay parades while throwing condoms to the crowds.

    • AFVET says:

      Are you high? I served ten years in the military and watched the republican president cut our benefits and make MWR 'self sufficient' meaning if you were on a small base, and the NCO club wasn't making a profit they shut it down. Under Republican it went from free medical for my family to CHAMPUS and Tri-care. Republicans talk a good game but with the exception of John McCain are more willing to file for exemptions to military service. The current president has done more for the boots on the ground then Bush ever did. He made VA budgeting a priority pushed for 4 year college degrees and housing with the new GI bill and is actively punishing those who deny our troops lawfull rights and benefits.

      • 24yrs in MSgt USMC Retired (1986-2010) and I wouldn't vote Democrat for NOTHING! You talk Champus-Tri-care…VA BUDGETING A PRIORITY…This PRESIDENT wants to RAISE the VET costs of Insurance up and over 400% to meet civilian standards. He's cutting troops, bases, housing costs have risen, Our men and women don't even have the right equipment to their jobs…do your homework! Obama IS NOT for the military at all…WE VOLUNTEERED AND NOW WE WANT THE GOVN'T TO PAY FOR OUR HEALTH CARE…Look that up…from his mouth to every VET's ear!

        • John A says:

          24 Yrs MCPO USN. I concur. The current President only gives lip service. I was in Iraq and Afghanistan and witnessed both presidents visits to the theater. You can tell who was aloof and who was humbled by being there with the military. One came with fanfare and media in tail. The other came unannounced with a skeleton support team. We can tell who was really sincere about being there. The current CIC surely is not it.

        • FWD says:

          After all those years you served; you have not learned anything at all about how our government is ran. Sure one can put all the blane on just one person and feel good after saying it, but the truth is for sure we don't need you at all. No; and I repeat "No" one person has ever ran this country and "No" one person will ever do it. We need jobs for everyone and I feel that our Vets should be put in line first by all means!!

      • morganJ says:

        I served 20 years in the Navy, my dad was career Army before I joined. I have had a service ID most of my life.

        The Republicans under Reagan gave us the biggest raises in history. The Democratic presidents cut our benefits, and made sure we were deployed on as many holidays as possible, even whe nthere was nothing going on! Clinton sent up to one hot spot after another then forbid us to shoot back! While Obama has no idea what it is WE DO!

        Hw couldn't even pronounce Navy "Corpseman" WITH a teleprompter spelling it out for him!

        And all of us retireees wil tell you we have seen tiny COLA raises under Obama that were immediately swallowed up by increases in TRICARE fees and other insurances like SBP. No, the Democrats have never done a thing for us in my 50+ years associated with the military.

        • Fredfraud says:

          You are totally forgetting that our country dose not have the money; Apple Co. has more money than all of America put together, and has put more jobs over seas that we need here. With a GOP controlled congress that can only say "NO" about everything; what do you think we'll ever get? Oh; by the way, Reagan has gone and we must do it ourselvs without him. "Yes We Can"!!!

        • I'm with you – 25 years Navy here. Under Clinton, ships couldn't get underway without raiding returning deployers for spare parts. He also ensured we were deployed short notice prior to the election. The bum wouldn't even visit my third ship while overseas on July 4th in Palma de Mallorca because we were named after a Vietnam battle. When I retired I graciously refused the certificate from the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      • Fredfraud says:

        My God bless you, but you can talk until you blue in the face, and never get anywhere with this group of hard heads at all! I lived in the USAF (not a foot soldier) from 1965 to 1990 (retired) and you know as I do , to get rank we had to know current events (enlisted or officers)! I knew what each president (CIC), and Mojor Command did to us or for us. We were used as chessmen on a chess board, and as it is today. We are put into wars by our government (Congress),but also kick in the as_ by the same crew. I don't care who was or is in that office; at times it'll be done to us all, and not just one party. "FAVET" it is good to know that you are doing good and staying current about this world!!

    • DaRoosh65 says:

      Rather than bring up which party does (or does not) support our troops, let's stay focused on that fact that our troops are being treated like dirt by the very companies that benefit from the way of life protected by these same service members.

      Just so you know…I was RIF'd by Bush Sr. …a Republican.

      It's bad management that brings about military cutbacks. Republicans and Democrats are both guilty of bad (and that's putting it kindly) management.

    • Retired SFC Brazier says:

      Let"s keep politics out of this, it is about us taking care of each other, both parties take from us, the veterans of The United States Of America.

    • Fredfraud says:

      I think you need to rethink what you are saying! Home Depot is a 100% donor to the Republican Party only, and what you are saying about the Democrats is really true about the GOP. Now you don't have to believe me at all, but check your facts first. You are one of the problems America don't need; just say anything and lead others to believe it is a fact. You are showing us all that you are really one of those that likes to put foot in his mouth most of the time. Have a good day!

  19. Don Wiliams says:

    I had a problem with Home Depot also. They interviewed me for a job. I took the drug test and background check and passed it. They got my SS# wrong. So they had to do it over again and I never heard from them any more. What a shame on them. Hire a Vet. Right. They do not care about us.

    • Don Williams says:

      Oh by the way I have a BBA and a Masters in Business and Project Management and they wanted me to start at a clerk on the floor at $9.00 and hour and only part time. Don Williams

      • l. mirgenshore says:

        I interviewed for a job at Lowes and was done same way. Lowes started me at less than 9.00 a hour and partime at that. (20 hrs a week/5 hours a day) Now if I was a young Soldier, I would not wast my time with Home Depot or Lowes. They just are not military friendly. By the way, I received my first check last week and it was $169.00 for a week. Now who can live on that? The guys I work with have 3 or more jobs and work over 80 hrs a week and make less than $500.00 a week. Home Depot and Lowes is being reembursed money to hire a vet.

    • MSgt Ray Ret says:

      I worked with a Don Williams at Ramstien around 1984 to 89 I am tired of always trying to find help in Home Despot (not a typo) Now I will just not ever go there

  20. Sgt Burton says:

    I agree this is completely out of line and against the law. It doesn't surprise me that they didn't want him as a department head any longer, with monthly drill and deployments. I worked at Home Depot while in college and in the Marine Reserve. They expected department heads to be there at the drop of a hat my the store managers. I didn't get any hassle from them for drill and they held my job for me while I was away on a 1 year deployment. This was certainly done at the store or at most the regional level. I am sure corporate will make this right. Unfortunately, I takes measures like this to get it to corporate because store or regional HR isn't going to pass it up the chain.

    • Fredfraud says:

      These companies, big business and congress just don't get it at all! Lets just say; we had "no" follow Americans that would put out life and limb so we could remain free and live as we do now! Our congress would employ the draft once again, using men/women all for the "working class" to keep themselves happy while the draftee lose life or limb. Now; what that draftee needs is a job when he or she returns home.Well; here we are now! A problem for us (Vets), but we should have died in the war or not come home at all. They rather break the law than put a Vet back to work, so let them go. It'll never happen, but it sounds good. My God bless you Vets and retirees!!!!

      • Tom says:

        Fredfraud you're still an idiot!

      • Mr. DBlock says:

        You need to go to the local VA and tell them you need a straight jacket. Also there are no draftees the United States is a all volunteer military.

        Mr. DBlock
        1st MarDiv. Motivation Enforcer

  21. usmc says:

    Sell your stock in home depot, hit them back in the pocket book invest in lowes

  22. fedinla says:

    I placed it on facebook.

    The problem is that there are too few of these that are taken seriously by those in charge of enforcement . Prior to deployment the warehousing company I worked for shut down so I got a job with a company formerly know as wackenhut. I had started there three months prior to getting deployed. Upon my return they said that because I had not made it through their 180 day trainee period that I was no longer able to work for them. I filed a complaint with the Louisiana Air National Guard Jag office and was told "I only work on drill weekends find an active Jag to file the complaint" The nearest active Air Force Jag (in louisiana) was 600 miles away and he never responded to any of my attempts to reach him. I found other min wage work since but been unable to get any interviews for anything higher pay despite having degrees.

    I did 13 years in the air force/air guard in transportation and logistics but when I applied to homedepot, walmart, lowes and numerous other companies for shipping and receiving they claimed I had no exp and what "civilian exp I had was over three years ago" (now 7 years ago). My sis was a short order cook in the army and was told by numerous restaurants she had no food service exp when she applied to be a cook. My brother worked MWR and when he applied at hotels was told he had no exp. I could go on and on.

    I do hope the veteran wins against homedepot. I also hope that companies start to offer veterans higher jobs than min wage. Though so far the positions being offered under the new tax credits for hiring vets are still min wage positions. disney offering house keeping and janitor positions, nbcuniversial the same. when I asked why they had no higher positions they replied "you're not union.

    those unaware of the new tax credit. Companies who higher veterans that have been unemployed get a tax credit. The longer a veteran has been unemployed (max credit for 1 full year unemployed) and the longer you keep him (max if vet stays with company for a year) you get almost 10k tax credit. Companies have began to announce their intentions to hire vets because of the new law. Most however have offered min wage positions. $7.35×40 hrsx52wks=15288-10kcredit=5288 so it costs them $5288 in pay. I also foresee these companies keeping the vets for only a year then letting them go and replacing with veterans that have been unemployed for a year. I hope I am wrong about the last part but since I turned out to be correct with what jobs these companies would offer I suspect i will be correct.

    • Roger says:

      If you have trans/logistics exper. try applying with KBR. You can make bucoo money with them in comparison to min wage. I am currently in Iraq with another comp. Easy money. Try it and see.

    • Fredfraud says:

      Walmart, Home Depot are 100% donors for the GOP only, and will not support any law put into place by Mr. Obama! This entire country can go to hell first; Vets and all; so they can make Mr. Obama look bad. It is sad to say, but the GOP's only platfore is to get a Republican into office. So that means; Vets must also suffer. Don't believe me at all; just look, live, and listen.

  23. merl says:

    I live in Maine. The home depot in Bangor, Maine decide it won't give Military discount any more. Was told to many military people has asked for it. So now I do my shopping at Lowe's

    • Fredfraud says:

      Thanks; I started last week at Lowe's only myself! If we don't stand together; then we'll fall just like so many other great institutions. If you would only ask Home Depot's Hq office; you'll find that it only donate 100% to the GOP! A none supporter for the Democarts, less we all sink!

  24. E8 retired says:

    Between their gay agenda push and this I am gone. Loses is better anyway.

  25. Specialist O says:


  26. Hawkfighter says:

    They hired a gay person over me a United State Marine at my local Home Depot.
    When does it stop? Since when is the military the bad guy? Lowes should take and run with this publicity. I no longer shop at Home Depot because of their out right Gay agenda. Spread the word…..

    • Hawkfighter2 says:

      Hey Cockfighter word to the wise the Untied States Marine Corps. also hires gays..

      If they don't hire you they don't have to worry about this happening.

      That is just smart business, whoever said I have to hire a veteran. Maybe there not the best man or woman for the job. Maybe I'd rather have a solid educational background PLUS true hands on experience in the field. After being in the Marine Corps. I know how your trained and know what you do.. I would rather hire a O-series before I ever hire enlisted…Sorry but when you own a business it really is about making money if you can through people a 20 dollar a hour job here or there great but I would much rather get what I pay for.

      • Al D'Adda says:


        I know this is off topic.

        Your post reminded me of another I read regarding hiring vets. The topic dealt with the frustration many felt with the civilian job sector. One CPT stated that he felt jilted because he was offered a job two positions below what he applied for. The CPT also stated that he knew he could do the job because he had been to combat and is at a level of leadership most civilians do not start to reach until at least 10 years or so.
        The article also pointed out that some employers do recognize the skill sets as intangibles and welcome them to their organization. However the employer would rather hire the service member at two levels below the position they applied for. So the frustration is personal reality v. real world reality.

        Al D'Adda

  27. Shame On you Home Depot!!!

  28. Harvey says:

    Ret 21 yr  MSG, law enforcement and security professional pretty much sums up my 45 years of employment since I was 19. Not sure I understand comments about republicans… I don’t know any  of my brothers in arms that had any regard about the current administration as well as Clinton, Carter  or the rest of the administrations that could have cared less about the military.  They stopped promotions and raises and slashed the military budget and on and on and on. So drop the republican thing because they didn’t cut our budget. Oh, in case you haven’t yet, be sure to register to vote. And think about what the current president will do to us.  Granted, the person that terminated the GI was an idiot and his days with HD are numbered  as are any HD leaders that support the decision.  

    • Harvey says:

      "Ret 21 yr MSG, law enforcement and security professional"

      oo a MP and a civilan security guard hahaha

  29. wingerman2 says:

    I sent Home depot a message on there web site letting them know My displeasure with them. I also told them I was cutting up my card and that as of today I would no longer shop at there store. we all need to do this.
    MSgt Marc Lampton USAF Retired

  30. So Home Depot is all-in for the Gay agenda and boots the military in the butt? There is no boycott long enough to harm these people. Every veteran should pledge to NEVER shop at Big Orange again.

  31. Lester White says:

    Lowe’s has better customer service, and they also give you 10 percent discount if you show your military ID (Active or Retired).

  32. Ralph says:

    Its the same way if you want to work for Sprint, a local store here in CA put up an ad for a floors sales position and it clearly stated at the bottom of the ad that a "complete absence of all military obligations" was part of the requirements. After a few guys went and asked about it. That part of the ad was taken down but none of us who said yes during interview when asked about being in, got a call back. Sadly its starting to happen more and more.

    • Jonny B OIFVETUSMC says:

      If they don't hire you they don't have to worry about this happening.

      That is just smart business, whoever said I have to hire a veteran. Maybe there not the best man or woman for the job. Maybe I'd rather have a solid educational background PLUS true hands on experience in the field. After being in the Marine Corps. I know how your trained and know what you do.. I would rather hire a O-series before I ever hire enlisted…Sorry but when you own a business it really is about making money if you can through people a 20 dollar a hour job here or there great but I would much rather get what I pay for.

  33. PDJ says:

    This is a huge problem for reservists and guard, it is very tough to get hired anywhere. Despite running a painting company for 10 years and having electronics and mechanical exp in the Air Force I could not even get an interview with Home Depot, much less a job. I am convinced it is because I put down my reserve obligation. If they don't hire you they don't have to worry about this happening.

    • Jonny B OIF VETUSMC says:

      If they don't hire you they don't have to worry about this happening.

      That is just smart business, whoever said I have to hire a veteran. Maybe there not the best man or woman for the job. Maybe I'd rather have a solid educational background PLUS true hands on experience in the field. After being in the Marine Corps. I know how your trained and know what you do.. I would rather hire a O-series before I ever hire enlisted…Sorry but when you own a business it really is about making money if you can through people a 20 dollar a hour job here or there great but I would much rather get what I pay for.

  34. Frederick W. Denkins says:

    If you would just check it out; you'll find that Home Depot is a fully 100% based Republican donor, and does not support anything Democaric! In other words; this company will break the law rather than support Mr. Obama's reelection. That also means that GOP military must suffer too! Sorry to say, but they only platfore the GOP has ever had was to get Mr. Obama out of office, and to hell with the country ; weather we sank or float! This is sad, but true! I did 25+ years, retired U.S.A.F. and all I can say is my God bless America; we are still doing our part for the USA!

  35. PaulD says:

    Definitely I've stopped buying from Home Depot, their service sucks, when calling to get information they treat like crap, I used to have their card but got rid off it 2 months ago, Lowe's all the way, better prices, better people (management) Home Depot is gonna regret mistreating our brothers and sisters in uniform.

  36. I'm done with Home Depot, never again will i shop there if this is the way they are going to treat the freedom fighters of this great country of ours. Veterans are the backbone to our way of life, and if a company can't support the Veterans of this country then I'm done supporting them with my business.

  37. denisehoppess says:

    Shame on Home Depot! Their HR staff, legal staff and management know better. Let this be a lesson to every employer that finds it 'inconvenient' to follow the law. I hope this is expensive and it hurts Home Depot. I am a stock holder and will be writing to the Board of Directors about wasting my money because they are not following the USERRA. I wonder what other group of employees they find 'inconvenient'?
    The Lowes near me offers a 10% military/veteran discount, everyday. I will vote with my feet and pocketbook.

  38. funside says:

    ive been going threw this for 30 yrs apply for a job as a veteran and i always here im unqulified or over qulified so it a no win situation they have been doing it for yrs what else is new veterans always have gotten poopy in of the stick

  39. Dave Broussard says:

    I shopped at Home Depot for several years, but after comparing them to Lowe's when shopping for new kitchen cabinets; Lowe's lost hands down. Lowe's has made great strides in their customer service standards as well. The staff are much friendlier, willing to help, and caring. I found to opposite to be true at HD. HD lost out on > $40 K in business. On another noter; I have been unemployed for 2 1/2 years, with very little action in response to my Military expierence or 30 years in civilian employment. Discrimination in employment is rampant today because the government watch dogs are so understaffed and the employers don't see much risk at behaing any way they want. Good luck!

    • lynn says:

      Yes, they are understaffed – but, hey, let's freeze their pay, benefits,and hiring of new people – that will show them.

  40. YNC, USN, Ret. says:

    By the looks of some of the comments posted, it's no wonder some vets don't get hired. YOU can't spell! Prime example from the 30 year vet that just posted before me. I think it's "through," not "threw," and "unqualified," not "unqulified." (not to mention the other grammatical errors. Oral and written skills are of the utmost importance in showing your communication competency.

  41. Carrie says:

    I'm an Iraq vet x2, with a 2 year degree. I've been unemployed since my 2nd deployment. "Support Our Troops" should be changed to "Support Non-Troops." I submit on average about 4 applications a week. Employers really don't care about helping vets, they just care about saving a dollar. I hope Brian Bailey gets so much money, he can retire!

    • lynn says:

      Have you tried your local state employment office – they almost always have vet rep who works with vets only to help them get jobs.

  42. peedee wyre says:

    Home DESPOT is more like it. Too big to care. And when all the M-and-A (merger and acquisition) and consolidations are over, and there's ONLY Home Depot because nobody cared enough to actually DO SOMETHING, like vote with their feet and vote with their dollars, and by not electing legislators who are heavily pro-consumer, thereby reducing the likelihood of any semblance of justice for us wage-slaves possibly will be achieved.

  43. George an old vet says:

    Nothing changes. Over 30 yrs. ago I got a job with General Dynamics ( a government contractor with many military contracts) after my 4yrs. service with the U.S. Navy. I also served in Viet Nam. I observed harrassment from the supervisor of the engineering department to an army reservist I worked with. He was being reprimanded for his absence because of his monthly drills and his once a year two weeks active duty. Corporate America has no patriotism and feels no compassion towards veterans. I hate it when they give our vets a hard time because of their military obligations and service to our country. I think that nothing will change. Money talks bullshit walks.

  44. DevilDog1 says:

    I worked for Home Depot and they dont pay s@#t!.Dont waste your time and consider yourself lucky not to be employed there.My opinion find something else.

  45. Mike says:

    Just remember, they cant fire you. Doesnt mean they have to hure you either.

  46. Mike says:

    They cant fire you. Doesnt mean they have to hire you either.

  47. Eddie says:


  48. What do you do if you have been given an offer in writing. Then go for a medical screening. Then the medical screeners say you can't lift more than 30 pounds and a bunch of other stuff. So instead of saying they can't use you they just don't call or anything. I CAN of course lift more than thirty lbs. To still be in the guard I have to maintain pt. I thought they would have to show that I can't do the job or am unable to meet the physical demands of the job (electrician). Do any of you know where I can get help with this? Thanks

  49. DKS says:

    Wow….I keep encountering stories like this, the shame of it all ! I am a 15 year Army Vet and employed by a major cell phone company that is pretty fair in it practice with hiring military people. Wonder what would happen if there were no armed forces to protect this country, Home Depot and other nafarious jive ass, phoney employers…Shame on you LOW DEPOT….lol.

  50. ESJ says:

    I am a vet with 7yrs in, and 2 deployments to both Iraq and Afghan and I am 80% disabled. I work for home Depot in NH and everytime I wear my Iraq/Afghan Veteran Hat the Store manager jumps on me like a DI and says I cannot wear that hat, I need to wear a Home Depot Hat. I dont recall what is says in the handbook about Hat Policy, but I see alot of other employees wearing colorful hats and hats with logos on them, yet I am the one who the Manager seeks out to say I cannot wear my Veteran's hat when others can wear their colorful hats…
    what to do

  51. morganJ says:

    You got bad dope there partner; Home Depot is 100% in the Gay corner, not Republican. They set up workshops for kids at Gay Pride Parades coast to coast, usually have floats in the parades and are a major corporate sponsor for the parades, their magazines and their LOGO channel. There couldn't be FARTHER from the GOP than that.

  52. John says:

    Sounds like threeravenconsulting is a Lib-tard anyway so I am sure he/she supports the Gay Pride stuff anyway. I have nothing against Gays or Lesbians, but I am tired of hearing about all this crap. If Home Depot does not support our military, then they do not need by business. If Congress (GOP or DEMS) or the President does not support me or my fellow military members, then they do not deserve my vote or support!