Jobs for Veterans in Missouri

April 23, 2012 |

Missouri Show-Me Heroes Program

Launched in 2010 by Missouri Governor Nixon, the ‘Show-Me Heroes’ initiative helps Missouri’s veterans and members of the National Guard & Reserve reconnect with meaningful careers, and showcases Missouri employers who have pledged to do so. Across Missouri, 1,834 companies have taken the Show-Me Heroes pledge and about 1,500 veterans have been hired by those companies.

Currently Missouri has dedicated Veterans Outreach staff stationed at most Missouri Career Centers located throughout the state. Local Veterans Employment Representatives provide assistance in job placement and accessing needed services and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program specialists provide case management and develop career and job training opportunities for veterans, with special emphasis on veterans with service-connected disabilities. For more details on the above and the rest of the program, visit the State of Missouri’s Show-Me Heroes webpage at or call 1-800-592-6020.

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  1. Mark Stockard says:

    My name is Mark Stockard. Would it be too forward to post my resume directly to this blog site?

  2. Gerald says:

    If an employer hires a veteran, is there some kind of financial assistance where the government will help pay for a portion of the veteran's salary/pay?
    I was drafted and served from 1972 to 1974 during the Vietnam era and stayed state-side. I'm currently in my 90-day trial after being unemployed for 22-months. If there is government assistance, my current job may hire me full-time.

    • Randy P says:

      Hey Gerald, it's Randy from Companies in many states get a tax credit or break for hiring veterans. Perhaps that would be a way they could afford you. Have them check with their accountants or legal on whether they qualify.