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April 30, 2012 |


I’m a former Marine. I spent 8 years on active duty. I attained the rank of Sergeant/E5 rather quickly and in combat lead a re-enforced squad of 24 Marines plus vehicle crew. When I got out I earned a BS degree and began an MBA. Since most of my jobs since leaving service were very flexible to allow me to attend school and watch my kids while my wife worked during the day as an RN, my pay history has always been a bit low. It sometimes feels like my biggest hindrance is my pay history. Is pay history something that is looked fairly seriously?


First of all – congratulations on serving and then moving forward with your education. Very good move on your part.

Salary issues are a slippery slide. Most companies will have a hiring budget and salary range.

You can try putting a line for the salary instead of a number for the salary you rather not put on the application. If they tell you they need a number then you will have to give it to them.

It is always to your advantage to wait to discuss salary.

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