GE Looks to Hire Returning Veterans

September 14, 2011 |

GE logoAttention servicemembers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan: GE is looking for you. The company currently employs 11,000 veterans (that’s one employee for every fourteen) and it wants more. According to the GE Reports website, the company is participating in over 100 career fairs this year hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Student Veterans of America, focusing on getting veterans back to work. “We’re expecting an influx of troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, and they need jobs,” said Kris Urbauer, who was in the Army for ten years as an engineer officer and is now program manager for GE’s veterans’ initiatives.

In addition to attending career fairs, GE is participating in the following programs aimed at helping vets bridge the military and civilian worlds: 

For more on GE’s veteran employment programs, visit the GE website.

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  1. Walter Neske says:

    GE? Please do not look to them for “Salvation” a job or what ever you are looking for they are not even a second class company. I had three Credit cards with GE Money, Wal Mart, Lowes and Fleet Farm. They are all an Indian company…. Not feather! I don’t shop any of them anymore. When You get a call from a credit card company. The first question is what country are you speaking from…Then just hang up….